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Manchester City make up Manchester United’s misery after dominant derby performance

Manchester United kickstarted the season with a 5-1 victory over Leeds United, but they have only won three of their previous ten games in all competitions.

The fascinating part is that some people correctly predicted that such a scenario would occur. Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Red Devils have been plagued by inconsistency, which has only become worse this season.

There has never been a time when the team has looked so disconnected and unsatisfactory at Old Trafford. In today’s world, any team can enter the Theatre of Dreams and leave with three points.

Aston Villa, West Ham United, and Liverpool have all won at Old Trafford this season. After defeating their neighbours 2-0 on Saturday, Manchester City was the latest to do so.

Since the beginning of October, Solskjaer and his team have had one bad week after another. Because of their dismal performances, they now risk missing out on a position in the Premier League’s top four.

The Reds were anticipated to fight for the title before the season began, but they are presently nine points behind the leaders and fifth place.

Even worse, they don’t appear to be a team that is capable of improvement. Solskjaer and his coaching team have failed to get the most out of this incredibly gifted group till now.

Manchester United’s performance reveals a team lacking in organization and has no clear plan on the field. It’s as though the players aren’t even taught any strategies and are merely brought together on game days to do whatever they want.

All of this has culminated in the team’s poor form, exacerbated by yet another lacklustre effort against Manchester City.

When a team is having such a bad run of form, the only way the manager can pull it out of it is if he has a track record to fall back on.

Solskjaer, on the other hand, has none. Manchester United is in a crisis right now, and they don’t have a manager with the expertise and tactical know-how to get them out of it.

The international break gives Manchester United some breathing room after such a tumultuous few weeks, making little difference.