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Prediction and Schedule for T20 World Cup 2021 that you won’t want to miss

The disappointment of last year’s T20 World Cup postponement will be “fully repaid” by this year’s T20 World Cup 2021! It is finally happening in 1 week and we just can’t wait.

The tournament was originally set to be held in Australia in 2020, however it was moved to India, followed by the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The event is set to commence on October 17th, 2021.

Critics predicted that Afghanistan’s team will be a strong contender for a spot in the ICC T20 World Cup semifinals in 2021.

Afghanistan will be the Super 12 stage’s dark horse in Group 2. India, Pakistan, and New Zealand are all in the same group as Rashid Khan’s team. Afghanistan should not be troubled by the other two teams who will join the group later.

They will, however, need to perform well against India, Pakistan, and New Zealand in order to improve their chances of making the semifinals. Afghanistan has the potential to win the ICC T20 World Cup in 2021. Most crucially, the matches will take place in the United Arab Emirates, a country where Afghanistan has a strong cricket tradition.

In the previous tournament of the ICC T20 World Cup, Afghanistan was the only side to defeat the West Indies. As a result, they should be prepared for a few twists in Group 2. Afghanistan has named its final T20 World Cup team, led by Mohammad Nabi.

Shahid Afridi, an ex-Pakistan legend who has played in many epic India-Pakistan matches, has spoken out on the approaching T20 World Cup match between the arch-rivals. In response to a fan, Afridi predicted that in a ‘high-pressure’ game, the team that handles pressure the best and makes the fewest errors would win.

In a social media video, the former Pakistan batsman added, “In most cases, India vs. Pakistan is a high-stakes contest. And the squad that can handle the most pressure will emerge victoriously. Furthermore, the team that makes the tiniest of blunders has a stronger chance of winning. “

Pakistan, Australia, the West Indies, and New Zealand will compete in Group 1 alongside the top two teams from Group A. India, England, Afghanistan, and South Africa will compete in Group 2 alongside the top two teams from Group B.

Pakistan has performed brilliantly, apart from the past two T20 world cups. It was their first World T20 title after losing to India in the inaugural tournament in Johannesburg in 2007 when they defeated Sri Lanka in the final at the Lord’s during that year’s World T20. They qualified for the finals in 2021 after finishing as semi-finalists in 2010. Pakistan finished fourth in their group’s leader board last time after losing three of their four matches. 

Many believe that one of England, Australia, Pakistan, or India will make finals; they are the top four ranked teams at the moment of writing. Michael Vaughan, a former England captain, believes that India and England would meet in the final in 2021, with England winning.

Who will end up taking home the trophy of the T20 World Cup 2021? As the tournament progresses, we’ll keep you updated. The match date, team, venue, round, and group information are listed below.

Match NoDateVsRoundsGroup
117-10-21Sri Lanka vs Ireland1stGroup A
218-10-21Papua New Guinea vs Oman1stGroup A
319-10-21Bangladesh vs Namibia1stGroup B
419-10-21Netherlands vs Scotland1stGroup B
520-10-21Ireland vs Oman1stGroup A
620-10-21Sri Lanka vs Papua New Guinea1stGroup A
721-10-21Namibia vs Scotland1stGroup B
821-10-21Bangladesh vs Netherlands1stGroup B
922-10-21Papua New Guinea vs Ireland1stGroup A
1022-10-21Sri Lanka vs Oman1stGroup A
1123-10-21Netherlands vs Namibia1stGroup B
1223-10-21Bangladesh vs Scotland1stGroup B
1324-10-21Australia vs PakistanSuper 12Group 1
1424-10-21India vs South AfricaSuper 12Group 2
1525-10-21TBC vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
1625-10-21New Zealand vs West IndiesSuper 12Group 1
1726-10-21Afghanistan vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
1826-10-21England vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
1927-10-21New Zealand vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
2028-10-21Afghanistan vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
2128-10-21Australia vs West IndiesSuper 12Group 1
2229-10-21Pakistan vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
2329-10-21India vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
2430-10-21England vs South AfricaSuper 12Group 2
2530-10-21West Indies vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
2631-10-21New Zealand vs PakistanSuper 12Group 1
2731-10-21Australia vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
2801-11-21Afghanistan vs South AfricaSuper 12Group 2
2901-11-21India vs EnglandSuper 12Group 2
3002-11-21TBC vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
3102-11-21New Zealand vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
3203-11-21Pakistan vs West IndiesSuper 12Group 1
3304-11-21Australia vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
3404-11-21Afghanistan vs EnglandSuper 12Group 2
3505-11-21South Africa vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
3605-11-21India vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
3706-11-21Pakistan vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
3806-11-21Australia vs New ZealandSuper 12Group 1
3907-11-21England vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
4007-11-21West Indies vs TBCSuper 12Group 1
4108-11-21South Africa vs TBCSuper 12Group 2
4208-11-21India vs AfghanistanSuper 12Group 2
DateTeamMatch Name
11 Nov 2021TBC vs TBC1st Semi-Final
12 Nov 2021TBC vs TBC2nd Semi-Final
14 Nov 2021TBC vs TBCFinal

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