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Online best cricket odds-discount pass

What is the discount pass? Online best cricket odds

How to bet on the offer?

Introduction of discount clearance

Examples of discount clearance

Discount clearance rules
Not all bettors are aware of the preferential pass, and the preferential pass is a handicap that contains multiple options (although the odds are lower), which can increase the chances of the bettor winning. How does the discount pass work? How to calculate the bonus? What discounts does Pinnacle offer? Keep reading to learn more.

Introduction of discount clearance

In the preferential clearance, bettors can get a specific handicap advantage in each of the multiple choice bets, and the bet will set a fixed bonus.

Examples of discount clearance

The following is a 6-point discount for Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl LIV:

market Handicap setting for general betting 6-point concession handicap setting
Kansas City Chiefs (Handicap) +2.5 +8.5
San Francisco 49ers (handicap) -2.5 +3.5
Size disc 45.5 Large market 39.5, small market 51.5

As shown above, if the player wants to bet on Kansas City Chiefs’ handicap, it will change from +2.5 upset to +8.5 (2.5 + 6) upset, greatly increasing the chances of this option winning. Similarly, San Francisco 49ers’ handicap will change from -2.5 hot to +3.5 (-2.5 + 6) upset.

For large and small markets, discount clearance offers two different markets to help players bet. In this example, the big and small markets are set to 45.5, and the preferential clearance market becomes the large market 39.5 (45.5-6) ​​and the small market 51.5 (45.5 + 6). Basically, regardless of the big and small markets, the probability of winning increases by six points.

But the price is lower fixed bonus. If a player bets on €100 multiple bets on a team to win a game in a handicap, and bets on the size of another game, based on the odds -110 / 1.909 selected, the payout will be approximately € 365 (profit of €265). However, if you choose to bet the same option with a 6-point discount, the combined odds are -110 / 1.909, so betting €100 can only win €190.90 winnings (profit €90.90). 

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