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Slots Game Strategies

The secret to understanding slots is realizing that there is no winning plan or method – every win is entirely alright. With each touch of the spin button, the expectation is that the Random Number Generator will land on a combination of numbers that suit winning symbols.


How do odds work in slot machines?


They are set, unlike some other games. The chances of winning don’t go up or down when you play but remain the same.

Payout chances differ according to the system. Two slot machines can look the same, but with different odds. So you can not tell by the machine’s appearance.

The odds of reaching the top prize differ widely from machine to machine and can be as small as one in 17,000,000 spins – equivalent to winning Lotto 6/49.



Knowing the payback or payout percentage of different machinery can help you understand your winning chances when playing slots.


What is the percentage of payback?

Every slot machine comes from the manufacturer with a computer chip capable of predetermining how much of the overall player the machine spends will pay back to players throughout their life. The casino, also known as the house, sets machines to pay back a certain percentage of the coins played, including paying out the jackpot

The preprogrammed number the households is known as the hold

The payback percentage, regulated by the Ontario Commission for Alcohol and Gaming (AGCO), is: Minimum: 85%

The payback percentage is supposed to reflect the entire lifecycle of the system, which can be multimillion spins. If the payback rate is 85%, it doesn’t mean you can expect to win back $85 if you’re playing $100 on its game.

The percentage of payback does not affect the short-term. Anything can happen when you play because of randomness.

Slots favour the house as compared to other casino games.



The higher the value, the more a machine pays out, is accessible to think-for instance, a dollar machine will pay more than a quarter of devices. This is not always the case in Ontario. Check the paytable also to find out what a computer pays out.



  • The Random Number Generator determines jackpot payouts, and there’s no way to know when a winning combination will happen.
  • Payout timing is not predetermined. It occurs entirely at random, at any time and not at any given interval.
  • Which means a computer that can pay out a significant jackpot on the very next spin, will pay out another. Indeed, it does happen.



  • It would be fantastic, but no, a computer isn’t due to winning – it’s just random.
  • Everything that controls the machine is the Random Number Generator that freezes for each spin on a new, random combination of numbers that suit symbols on the screen. So, the odds of winning every time you play are the same.



You must hear of hot or cold streaks in slot machines. Have you picked a computer that will see a series of wins or losses in a row? What may sometimes seem like a pattern is just back-to-back random outcomes-it ‘s all pure chance.

Remember, streaks represent a normal part of the game’s probability. They’re bound to happen in the lives of a machine over the millions of randomized spins.


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