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2023 ICC Cricket World Cup: A Comprehensive Event Preview

2023 ICC Cricket World Cup: A Comprehensive Event Preview

Cricket enthusiasts around the globe are bracing for the spectacle of the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, a grand event set to unfold in India from October 5 to November 19. The tournament kicks off with a riveting clash between the 2019 finalists, England and New Zealand, at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

Teams and Qualification

Ten teams, including cricketing powerhouses like India, Australia, England, and New Zealand, are set to vie for supremacy in this pinnacle of international cricket. The notable absence of two-time winners West Indies has raised eyebrows, as they failed to secure one of the nine qualification spots. India earned an automatic berth as the host nation, while the remaining teams underwent a rigorous three-year qualification process, culminating in a knockout stage earlier this year.

Seven teams, including defending champions England, secured their places through the ICC Super League, a competition that unfolded from July 2020 to May 2023. The Netherlands and Sri Lanka clinched the final two spots during the knockout qualification stage.

Format and Schedule

The tournament’s initial phase follows a round-robin format, featuring each team playing against the others, resulting in a total of 45 matches. The round-robin stage concludes on November 12, with a clash between India and the Netherlands in Bengaluru.

The top four teams emerging from the round-robin battles will proceed to the semifinals. The first semifinal, scheduled for November 15 in Mumbai, will witness the clash between the teams finishing first and fourth. The second semifinal, on November 16 in Kolkata, will feature the second and third teams. A noteworthy twist comes into play if Pakistan qualifies for the semifinals, as they will play in Kolkata, regardless of their ranking. Similarly, if India qualifies, they will play in Mumbai. The prospect of a clash between India and Pakistan adds an extra layer of anticipation and drama to the semifinal stage.


Matches will unfold across ten host cities, showcasing the geographical diversity of India’s cricketing landscape. From Chennai in the south to Dharamshala in the north, Kolkata in the east to Ahmedabad in the west, the tournament promises a rich tapestry of cricketing action. The host cities include Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Dharamshala, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

India vs. Pakistan

In a tournament brimming with excitement, the clash between India and Pakistan on October 14 in Ahmedabad stands out as the marquee event. The historic rivalry is intensified on the cricket field, and the encounter is expected to be nothing short of electrifying. Despite India holding a 7-0 lead over Pakistan in Cricket World Cup encounters, the fierce competition adds an element of unpredictability, especially with the match being on Indian soil. The showdown promises to be a cricketing spectacle of epic proportions.


The buildup to the tournament has been marred by controversies, ranging from scheduling concerns to visa-related disruptions for the participating teams. The announcement of the tournament schedule just 100 days before the first match drew criticism from fans, comparing it to the proactive scheduling practices of other major sporting events.

Tensions between India and Pakistan spilled onto the cricket field, affecting the latter’s travel plans and preparations due to visa delays. These incidents have added an unexpected layer of drama to the tournament’s narrative.


While the ICC has released tickets in batches, concerns have been raised about accessibility, with fans expressing frustration over limited availability for both local and traveling supporters. The allocation of “golden tickets” to Indian film and cricket celebrities has further fueled discontent among the cricketing community.

Prize Money

The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup comes with a substantial prize pool of $10 million. The winners will pocket a handsome $4 million, while the runners-up will receive $2 million. Semifinalists will each earn $800,000, and teams finishing at the group stage will take home $100,000. Additionally, every group stage victory will be rewarded with $40,000.

As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the unfolding drama, the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup promises not only high-stakes cricket but also a tapestry of narratives, controversies, and historic clashes that will etch this edition into the annals of cricketing history.