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West Indies teams are not going to visit England

CEO of Cricket West Indies, Johnny Grave said that West Indies players would not be “coerced” to tour England for the three-test match, which was supposed to commence on June 4 but is now being delayed until at least July because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Graves said he was “optimistic” regarding the series moving forward but acknowledged that some of the participants had to be “really worried” about the possibility of heading to the United Kingdom.

Grave mentioned to the media that there would not be any coercing players on the trip. He then added that the fatalities in the UK is a huge number if you compare it with the population with West Indies. Grave had to be completely confident that it was safe first and foremost as the ECB had a long way to go to get approval from the UK Government and to be confident that biosecure cricket was going to work.

The CEO then explained that the tour participants must work in a secure environment to maintain their health and welfare, so this ensures that they would have to spend a long time in and around the playground. He believes that the players will be very much in the bubble as he told the ECB that they would want four weeks of training before the first game. They might be looking at three back-to-back test sets. It will be seven weeks with a lot of preparation on the field, living on the field and becoming very alone in the hotel area.