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Who played the best slower ball in the 90s cricket? Chirs Cairns or Aaqib Javed?

Chirs Cairns – 1999

At the Lord’s, New Zealand took England on in the 2nd game of the 4-match Test series during their 1999 England tour. The home side had taken the first Test in Birmingham, 1-0 up in the series. On an opening day, Chris Cairns played a vital role with the ball as his 6-wicket haul bundled England out for just 186 despite two of their top three scoring over fifty runs.

The century of Matt Horne ensured New Zealand was given a significant lead on first-inning and won by nine wickets obtaining on that. Cairns got better with a brilliant slower ball at wicketkeeper Chris Read throughout his 6-wicket haul. His loopy slower one at 110 KMPH fooled Read who ducked at the release point, expecting it to be a bouncer. The delivery went through Read ‘s legs, and fully reached the middle stump.

Aaqib Javed – 1992

In his first game against South Africa, Mark Greatbatch smashed 68/60 balls, when he was asked to open the batting despite not being in that role in the 1992 World Cup ODI format. And for his results, he was identified player of the match, and he continued his aggressive approach.

Greatbatch hit two 50s, and his strike rates read 93.75, 81.81, 94.8, and 94.59 respectively in his next four games. He scored only 42/67 balls against Pakistan in the last league match, as no other player among the top eight batters in New Zealand reached double digits. He started in the semi-final against Pakistan as an opener where he opened beside John Wright, who got back healthy for the big match.

Except for a few boundaries, neither of Greatbatch and Wright did go. Greatbatch shattered Wasim Akram in the fifth over for a six over backward point and yet another height going down the field to Aaqib Javed. On the following ball, Greatbatch tried the same, but Aaqib ‘s slower one struck the pad of Greatbatch. Aaqib started the 10th over bowled with an even more satisfying slower ball that got beaten by Greatbatch, who tried to advance down the ground.


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