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MS Dhoni

Dhoni: I feel stress when i go to bat

Dhoni: I feel stress when i go to bat

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni has always been known to take calculated risks and maintain calm composure during crunch situations. Yet he’s open enough to say that he too feels the pressure when things get rough. Lending support to MFORE-launched by former Indian player S Badrinath along with entrepreneur Saravana Kumar-Dhoni put forward his point of view on the often overlooked topic.

Dhoni mentioned during a discussion with coaches from different sporting disciplines before the national lockout that he feels there is always a huge issue of acknowledging that there is any vulnerability when it comes to the emotional elements, but we usually name it mental disorder.

The World Cup-winning captain said that nobody really says that when he goes to bat during the first 5 to 10 deliveries his heart rate is elevated and he could feel the pressure. He feels scared and that’s how everybody feels but he wonders how to cope with that.

Dhoni mentioned that although this is a small issue, but a lot of times the players are hesitated to mention to a coach and that is why the relationship between a player and coach is the most important in any form of sports.

Dhoni, who hasn’t featured in an international game post India’s World Cup semifinal exit last July highlighted that the importance of a mental conditioning coach should not be the one who comes for 15 days because it can only allow to share experience in 15 days.

Badrinath believed that the key goal of MFORE was to eliminate the interferences created by the subconscious and to allow the individual to compete at his full potential.

Badrinath said that they have been working on the project for around eight to ten months with a group of 20 to 25 mind coaches and sports psychologists from across the world. Their concept is to get the athlete to interact with them and then come up with specific programs. Basically, they are building a platform which allows the athlete to do their mind-based training on a regular basis.