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Cricketers who got in trouble when their chats leaked

To be famous is to have a double-edged sword. If you don’t have the personality and mentality required to handle it, your reputation can be tarnished beyond repair forever. And, particularly in social media times, when nothing can be concealed.

Some cricketers know that the hard way when their conversations leaked out and spread like wildfire. The public had criticized some cricketers about how they treat themselves off the field. There were even a few cricketers’ careers in trouble because of the same.

Mohammed Shami

In a live Instagram session with Rohit Sharma, Mohammed Shami recently revealed how he had attempted suicide three times during the tough period he experienced between 2017 and 2018.

When his wife Hasin Jahan racked up headlines when she accused Shami of having several extramarital affairs, it had all come crashing down on the Bengal fast bowler. Later the BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit cleared Shami of the charges of match-fixing.

After the controversy, Shami went to channelize his inner beast and continued alongside Ishant Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah to spearhead India’s bowling team.

Imam Ul Haq

2019 has proven to be a nightmare both on and off the field for Pakistan’s opener Imam Ul Haq.

After suffering a forgettable 2019 World Cup, Imam landed in a coup when several girls took Instagram and Twitter to leak screenshots of their left-handed chat, accusing him of using his stardom to manipulate them.

The girls accused Imam at the same time as having a connection with them.

Imam finally came forward a week later and apologized for his misdeed. He let off following a stern warning by the Pakistan Cricket Board [PCB].

Alex Hepburn

At the age of 17, Australian-born cricketer Alex Hepburn moved to England to fulfill his dream of becoming an elite International cricketer one day. Hepburn was acquitted of one of those charges when the trial took place last year. 

In the middle of this, Hepburn met with another body blow and all some of the online chat leaked where he bragged about the number of women he ‘d been sleeping with. Hepburn also admitted having engaged in a sex game that led him to have sexual intercourse with 20 people.

He also admitted that he was part of a Whatsapp party, where men valued women. Hepburn was sentenced to five years in prison and has also been registered for life in the sex offender register.