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Crater has created a three-part Bet365 series

Crater has created a three-part Bet365 series

Crater has created a three-part bet365 show, which brings the dedicated fans behind three AFL teams to life.

Filmed just weeks before the exciting COVID-19 and presented by comic Danny McGinlay, the Tigers, Bulldogs and Giants take the audience to their homes and the civic hall of Richmond as they assemble the banners of the new seasons.

The AFL is a critical content channel, and bet365 wanted their most ardent fans to get involved. The series draws attention to how enthusiastic these fans are during this crucial period.

Danny McGinlay, himself a supporter of the Bulldogs, offers his game knowledge along with his humour to get to the bottom of past fights between teams, participants, memories and what the year brings to each supporter and their beloved tribes.

The campaign director has to praise Danny McGinlay for his sense of humour, and working with him is a natural choice. His satirical take on the AFL and past banners have been a topic of discussion for some time now. It was this and his experience of AFL, which made him the perfect host of bet365 AFL content. Although bet365 owing to Covid-19 had to make some adjustments to the end product, it was Danny’s hilarity and relatability with fans that shone through in each item.

With the last three months of affecting industry-wide shooting, the company has found itself in a holding pattern with the recommencing of the AFL season. As the AFL seasons were re-established, as their films concentrated on season launch, Crater had to use its ‘flexible approach and quick thinking to produce appropriate films for release in bet365.