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Tired of not getting some splendid card patterns? JDB has got you fix by launching this new amazing QIANG ZHUANG LIUNIU game. This is JDB’s first “Sixth Card” card game and it is the most must-play game! With an extra card, you will be changing from loser to winner and win it all! This card game is more thrilling as the scenarios change every second. This card game is the key to getting rich now!

Niu Niu also known as bullfighting or bull bull is a popular card game in China and South East Asia. Variations are also occurring in Malaysia, Vietnam, and probably in other parts of South East Asia. It can be played on a social basis, in Cambodian casinos, and online casinos catering to Asian players. It is often described as a Chinese poker game which allow four players to join in one round of game. The players will take turns to become the dealer. Player plays against the dealer.

First of all, players will have to bid in order to become the banker. Once the banker is set the game begins and you will have to decide your multiplier. The more credit balance you have the higher the multiplier. System will draw 6 cards for each player and you can select your own card or the system will automatically select the top 5 cards to begin to compare with the dealer. Any three of the cards have to combine and become a multiplier of 10. The remaining two cards will have to pair and beat against the dealer. If you fail to pair any 3 cards with a multiplier of 10 you will lose the game which we call it “No Bull”. Unless the banker has no combination as well you don’t have to pay the banker. Players will not compete within players.

What’s good about this game is that you don’t have to wait for others to come online and play with you. The system will select the players online automatically and you can start anytime any seconds you want. It has 4 rooms for you to choose based on the minimum from 1 to 30. After you have selected the room, you may begin playing instantly.

The audio and graphic is a fantastic combination in this game. Overall, it is user friendly and easy to navigate. Even if you don’t know how to play the game, the system will guide you and select the highest winning chance card for you. Just like any other JDB games, you may play this game either on mobile, tablet or desktop. Meanwhile, it does support on all operating systems, for example, iOS, Android and Windows. It’s a shame that this game only supported Simplified Chinese. For those who cannot understand Chinese you might consider taking Mandarin language classes as this is the kind of game that you won’t want to miss.

Play QIANG ZHUANG LIUNIU online now and start Bullfighting with other Player online!