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Understanding Baccarat and How to Win in it

Understanding Baccarat and How to Win in it

Ever thought of ways to win in Baccarat? A game played by many, from fictional spies to British Royalty in the 19th century, Baccarat has been a very popular game for more than 800 years and it is one of the most prestigious card games in a casino. Find out ways to win in Baccarat, how much you can win and what makes Baccarat so special.


A Scandal of Casino Royale

Even though Baccarat has been around for a long time, it first came to the knowledge of the public through a royal scandal late in the 19th century. Prince of Wales from Britain and Sir William Gordon-Cumming are the two people this controversy surrounded. It all started because there were accusations that Sir William Gordon-Cumming cheated in a game of baccarat and he took those accusers so that he can sue them for defamation.

Sir William Gordon-Cumming asked the Prince of Wales to be his witness in the court to testify for him. This would not be a problem if Baccarat was legal at the time, but it wasn’t, the game was an illegal game during that time. Since then, the game of Baccarat was associated with British high society’s glamour because both Sir William Gordon-Cumming and Prince of Wales made the upper and middle class people of Britain pay a lot of attention to the case.

What happened between the two made Ian Flemming choose Baccarat among all the games in the game for the most famous spy in the world, James Bond. Mr. Bond was found playing baccarat in several novels which includes GoldenEye, For Your Eyes Only, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Thunderball, and Dr. No.

The glamour of Baccarat still exists till this day with a lot of landed casinos offering high stakes players that can place huge bets in a private room so that they don’t have to be with the public. At Baji.live, we provide you the glamour by offering you a variety of tables with beautiful dealers tailored to your liking – a truly exclusive experience of Baccarat.

The basics and how to of Baccarat

In the modern times, Baccarat is played in these 3 different formats:

  • Banque
  • Chemin de fer
  • Punto Banco

Punto Banco is the most common as well as the most famous format of Baccarat among the three. It is also the type that is offered in Baji.live. The casino’s margin on this Baccarat can go as low as 1%, making it the easiest game for customers to win money from.

How to win when playing Punto Banco Baccarat online? (Will be referred to as “Baccarat” from here onwards)

In a game of baccarat, two hands will be dealt, one hand for the banker, another one for the player. The decision bettors need to make here is whether they want to back the player’s hand, back the banker’s hand, or back the fact that the player’s hand and banker’s hand would tie?

Only the unit value is taken into consideration in Baccarat. That would mean the unit value (value on the right) is 0 when the cards sum up to be 30. Unit value will be 9 when the cards sum up to be 19. The hand of 19 beats the hand of 30 because 9 is bigger than 0.

In Baccarat, aces count as 1, kings, queens, jacks, and 10s are all considered as 10, and 9 – 2 are the same as their face value.

Jokers don’t exist in the game of baccarat. Since only unit value is taken into consideration, 9 is the best hand value you can get in Baccarat and 0 is the smallest.

Hands that wins

At the start of the game, two cards will be dealt to both the banker and the players, if both or either of them gets a unit value of 9 or 8 with the first 2 cards, the game immediately ends and this is known as a natural 9 or natural 8. The pay-out for baccarat is as follows:

  • Bet on player and player wins – Your stake is doubled
  • Bet on player but banker wins – You lose your stake
  • Bet on banker and banker wins – Your stake is doubled but you need to pay a 5% winning commission (Some tables offer 0% for banker but if banker wins on 6, you will only win half your stake)
  • Bet on banker but player wins – You lose your stake
  • Bet on banker or player but the game ends as a tie – Your bet will be considered void and you receive your stake back
  • Bet on tie and the game ends as a tie – You will win 8x and get your stake back. Some casinos only offer 7x and your stake, so you need to make sure you get the best odds for yourself.

If there were no natural 9 or natural 8 in either hands, the game follows these steps:

  • If player’s card sums up to get unit value or 7 or 6, player does not need to draw another card
  • If player’s card sums up to get unit value between 5 – 0, player will need to draw another card
  • If banker’s card sums up to get unit value of 7 or 6, banker does not need to draw another card
  • If banker’s card sums up to get unit value between 5 -0, and the player has 2 cards, the banker will need to draw another card.
  • If banker’s card sums up to get unit value between 5 -0, and the player has 3 cards, banker may need to draw another card based on the following conditions:

Do’s and Don’ts of Baccarat

Follow the trend

Every Baccarat table accessible online will show you past results of the table before you joined the table. Try to find a trend from these past results. Different types of players will tend to identify different types of trends and the most common one being streaks.

Streaks are one of the most common trends people search for, especially on Baccarat tables. On landed casinos, tables with streaks, whether it’s player or banker streaks, will be packed with bettors trying to place their bet. If there are too many bettors on the table and the sum of bets placed exceeds the table maximum, some bettors will not be able to take profit from the streak. This, however, is not the case for online casinos, for instance, Baji.live offers baccarat with limits set on bettors account rather than the entire table’s limit like a landed casino. So, bettors will always have a chance to capitalize on streaks whenever they can spot one.

Other popular trends in Baccarat to follow:

  • Godly Dragon Swinging its Tail – a streak broken by 1 hand, followed by another streak.
    Example: 7 Player wins, followed by 1 banker win, then followed by another 7 player wins.
  • 1234 – Each time a player and banker take turns to win, the count of wins adds by 1.
    Example: 1 Player win, followed by 2 Banker wins, followed by 3 more Player wins, then 4 Banker wins.
  • Ding Dong Streak – Alternate wins by player and banker
    Example: 1 Player win, followed by 1 Banker win, followed by another Player win, then 1 more Banker win, and so on
  • 4321 – Each time a player and banker take turns to win, the count of win reduces by 1.
    Example: 4 Player wins, followed by 3 Banker wins, followed by 2 Player wins, and then 1 Banker win
  • Flat Leg – Matching the last win count on the opposite side
    Example: 3 Player wins, followed by 3 Banker wins, followed by 3 Player wins, and so on
  • Bet on Banker pair, Player pair, and tie for the next 3 rounds when there is a change of dealer
  • When either banker or player gets a natural 9 with the opposite side getting a unit value of 7, bet on the side with the unit value of 7 on the next round.

All kinds of bettors around the world will figure out their own trend and betting pattern so don’t worry if the pattern you’ve identified isn’t shared here

Never go against the trend

It is not uncommon to see certain bettors only wanting to go against the trend. These bettors are the ones who are not betting purely for the profits, they want to feel right, they want to stand out amongst all the average bettors that follow the trend. But they rarely succeed.

The logic of following the trend is also telling you to keep following the trend until you lose. Which means you would have already made some profits from the trend you followed before losing your bet. But when you go against the trend, it will be the other way round, you will continue losing until you win the bet, and when you use this mentality on Baccarat, you usually end up losing more than you win.

Manage your Bankroll

Like all professional risk takers, you will need to manage your bankroll. Most bettors won’t have unlimited bankroll when they are betting therefore managing it is key to a successful betting session.

The first way to do it is to cap your daily losses. It never feels good when you lose, this is the same for everyone and when this happens, people tend to make less rational decisions, especially when they are betting. If you cap your daily losses, you will know that you can still live to fight another day. Nobody can win forever so take the loss and come back tomorrow.

Secondly, never bet your entire bankroll on 1 or 2 bets. If you bet with this mentality, when you win, you will tell yourself you can win more because you only won 1 hand, and when you lose, you will tell yourself you can win it back because you are bound to win 1 hand. It is human nature to think this way so you should avoid doing this.

Don’t stick to a losing table

It is always nice to get back at someone, it’s the same feeling as winning from the table you lost. You should always avoid this because it never ends well. People tend to sit on the same table for various reasons on a landed casino, it can be because bettor’s friend is on the same table, a very beautiful or good-looking dealer is dealing cards, or any other reasons. But for online casinos like baji.live, bettors can switch tables with just a few clicks, you can even bet on multiple tables at the same time. So, there is no excuse for you to stay on a losing table all the time.

Think you can make some profit by wagering on Baccarat? Head over to baji.live now to prove yourself.