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Dinesh Karthik

[IPL]- Dinesh Karthik tells the reason why he wants the IPL 2020 to happen

[IPL]- Dinesh Karthik tells the reason why he wants the IPL 2020 to happen

Indian Premier League franchise Kolkata Knight Riders Captain Dinesh Karthik is among the few cricketers who played in the cash-rich league for as many as seven franchises.

Karthik has had to change teams eight times in 13 years, considering him representing Delhi Capitals twice (2008-10 and 2014). Karthik, who in 2018 was appointed Captain by Knight Riders, finds his current team as the Best IPL franchise.

Dinesh Karthik spoke about his cricketing career, 2019 WC experience, as KKR captain, his coach Brendon McCullum and teammate Eoin Morgan, the two young talents — Shubhman Gill and Kuldeep Yadav — and how he sees them shaping up at Kolkata Knight Riders.

He said in a show, KKR is undeniably the best franchise he ever played for, and feel proud to be leading the team. They were doing well in his first year at KKR, they nearly made it to the final but lost in the semis. It’s been a fantastic season, and they had a lot of youngsters to do their best to drive the result forward. Dinesh Karthik needs to do something different to help them cross the line.

It’s an enjoyable time for cricket. The amount of data collected in the last couple of years to play any game is tremendous. And it’s changed so much after joining corporates. The league needs to accept both the analytics and the game’s strategy. The team is using a lot of strategy at IPL, not just during the game but during the auctions as well.

Karthik would have led Kolkata in IPL 2020 had it not been for the novel COVID-19 playing spoilsport. Karthik, when asked about the tournament’s future, expressed interest in playing IPL 2020 to learn from the game’s two limited-over greats.

“One of the reasons I would like to see this IPL happen is being able to work with Brendon McCullum and Eoin Morgan. These are the two men with whom I want to rub shoulders. Those two men, I can learn so much. One coach in the IPL will do more. He can get into the game’s tactical component, and help the leaders formulate the strategy, “said Karthik.

There is a cricketer in every generation who transforms the face of cricket. Karthik thinks that was Brendon McCullum doing in the last WC. He taught the world how to play the game fair, incredibly hard in a watchable and enjoyable way. He is incredibly inspiring.

Ahead of IPL 2020 auction, McCullum, who had led Knight Riders twice (2008-10 and 2012-13), was signed in as the head coach. Morgan had played for KKR in 2011&2013 and included his second stint as a batsman in the IPL 2020 auction.