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How to sign-up an account on 1xBet

1xBet account bookmaker tries to treat the registration form procedure under the conditions of modern legalization which is a process that would attract attention from potential users simply by its simplicity.

Of course, not every bookmaker can do this, as the existing policy of protecting customer data and money does not always allow bookmakers to be careless about registration via sms and the work of the security service of the company.

However, if we take note of the 1xBet registration, which will be addressed in this article, we can understand that not everything is so complicated here.

1xBet registration through email:

Tips on how to sign-up an account, everyone can be the member.

Registration is possible only when you are a different customer. In your case, after the service ‘s main web page opens, you should see the 1xBet login button in the upper right corner. Click on the login button and follow the further instructions. You will be taken to a main site during registration via email, where you will need to fill in the personal data needed by the terms.

Same with other Internet sites, you’ll need to provide:

  • Your contact details; 
  • mail address;
  • Personal data: name, date of birth, and  labor and city of residence;
  • Confirm your password.

Then, you must tick on the agreement with the company’s rules to confirm the process of signing up. Your email will receive a letter via BC 1xBet registration, and you will need to go to the indicated link. 

1xBet registration through mobile phone

You may also sign-up an account on 1xBet via your mobile phone. 1xBet has developed two versions of mobile apps –  for smartphones on iOS and Android. Both versions have about the same size and the same visual appearance, so we’ll explain how to sign up your account with the mobile apps with the sort of one version.

Firstly, you need to download and install the apps with App Store or Google Play Store. 

  • Launch the program and this is the background you will see: 
  • Bonus of registration throughout the mobile apps
  • Click on the registration button and you will be in this window after that. 
  • Filling in the info. 
  • Create a new account login

For the registration through mobile phone, player accounts should be associated with the same acts as by registering through email. A SMS code will be sent to your mobile phone, you must enter the code in the field in the window which unwraps on the site. Once everything is confirmed, you may login to your 1xBet’s account.

1xBet registration through social networks

You can register or login through any of your social network profiles. The most common use of social networks for registration is Facebook and Instagram. 

The positive signal is confirmation that a customer is a real person. As it becomes apparent, 1xBet’s initial stage of customer registration does not reflect any complicated and nonsensical processes in its system. Follow all these simple steps, you can complete the registration in just 5 minutes.

1xBet registration through the official site

The 1xBet’s registration enrollment process with the fact that visiting the company’s official website is a simpler way to do this. It can be easier and convenient for prospective customers to register on 1xBet via this Internet service. Besides that, this method won’t spend you too much time. To start this process, please visit the official website at this address. 

You will need to fill out the exact same form here, as you are using your mobile phone. 

You need to complete the steps below:

  • Fill out the info and set your login password;
  • Validate your mobile phone;
  • Login to the new bill betting platform. 

Do not forget that you will need to upload the scans of your passport to the service after betting signing up review, to pass the first identification. Possibly that will be ready on this account. After reviewing the documents, you can then move to the next stage – verification.