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How to Convert Draw No Bet odds from 1X2 markets

How to Convert Draw No Bet odds from 1X2 markets

If you’re ever feeling limited by traditional 1X2 options, then a Draw No Bet (DNB) option could be what you want. This article explains what Draw No Betting is, provides examples of bets and describes how you can calculate Draw No Bet odds from 1X2 markets.


Draw No Bet meaning

Draw No Bet is a betting market which removes the outcome of a draw on three-way markets, allowing bettors to bet on either a home or away win. The Draw No Bet is a way for traders to reduce the risk of a bet lost and can be used to back an outsider, with the protection of the draw and cover your stake if you think there is a fair chance of a draw.

When your selection is accurate, your bet will win, your stake will be refunded if the game finishes in a draw, ensuring you won’t win or lose either. If the team you have sponsored is defeated, your bet will fail.

Example of DNB

Example: If you want to bet on Real Madrid in their Champions League qualifier against Benfica. Real Madrid has an aggregate lead of 2-1, and the first game was a tight affair.

Real Madrid’s odds on the 1X2 have the game to win at 1.58, but the odds on the DNB are shown as below: 

  • Real Madrid win: 1.18 
  • Benfica win: 4.2

If you put a £100 bet on Real Madrid at 1.18 odds on the DNB market your profit will be:

Result Profit
Real Madrid win + £18
Draw £0 (£100 stake refunded)
Benfica win – £100

Adding the odds listed on the 1X2 site, you will calculate the true odds for the DNB. It works by separating your stake over either a home win and draw or away win and draw so that your stake will be refunded if the game ends in a draw.

  • You can calculate 1X2 market DNB odds by two easy steps: Converting 1X2 odds into DNB odds 
  • Calculating DNB stakes

As an example, let’s use the game between Real Madrid and Benfica as before, and you want to stake £100 on Real Madrid. The 1X2 Odds, as shown below:

  • Real Madrid win: 1.58
  • Draw: 4.3
  • Benfica win: 5.5

Converting 1X2 odds to Draw No Bet odds

The formula below explains how to converting 1X2 odds to DNB odds for both home and away teams:

Home DNB odds = (1- (1/1X2 draw odds)) * 1X2 home odds

Away DNB odds = (1- (1/1X2 draw odds)) * 1X2 away odds

For our example, we need to calculate the DNB odds for the home team Real Madrid:

Real Madrid DNB odds = (1- (1 / 4.3)) * 1.58 = 1.21

Your combined 1X2 odds to DNB odds will be 1.21 instead of 1.18 on the actual DNB market.

Calculating DNB stakes

The calculations below show how to calculate how much of your £100 on each outcome should stake because it’s the equivalent of a DNB market.

Stake on the draw = (total stake/draw odds)

For our example: draw stake = (100/4.3) = £23.26

The calculation of a home / away win as below:

Home win = (total stake – draw stake) = Home stake

Example: Real Madrid stake = (100 – 23.26) = £76.74

You should now place a £76.74 bet on Real Madrid and a £23.26 on the draw.

Calculating profit

How to calculate your DNB market profit? The formula below will show you:

Home win = (home stake * (home odds – 1) – draw stake)

Example:(76.74 * (1.58-1) – 23.26) = 21.25

Draw win = (draw stake * (draw odds -1) – home stake)

Example: (23.26 * (4.3 -1) – 76.74 = 0.02)

Result Profit
Real Madrid win + £21.25
Draw + £0.02 (£76.76 refunded)
Benfica win – £100

 Betting direct from DNB market vs. Calculating your DNB odds

You will know whether or not it’s more favorable to calculate your DNB odds or bet directly on the DNB market after calculating your DNB odds. 

This example shows an increase in profit of 18.06% by betting on your calculation DNB odds from 1X2 exchanges compared to the offered Draw No Bet market. As betting is all about taking advantage, you’d undoubtedly calculate your DNB odds as our example because you’d make more profit.