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Cricket has racism too. I’m one of the victims, Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle has come forward and said prejudice doesn’t only exist in football but also cricket. He gave an example of his own, where he said he was still subject to discrimination. His comment comes as ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrations took place across the US after an African-American man — George Floyd — passed away after a policeman known as Derek Chauvin pushed a knee into his back.

Christopher Henry Gayle has written on his Instagram story that black lives matter just like any other life. He then stated black people are essential, and they should stop being taken for granted. The ‘Universe Boss’ then added that even though he’s black, he’s encountered racist remarks about him when traveling all over the globe. Also, the Caribbean power-hitter noted that prejudice exists in not only football but also cricket.

Protests have erupted from demonstrations in towns from San Francisco to Boston since Floyd ‘s demise. The police officer who was kneeling on Floyd ‘s neck was charged with murder in the third degree and death in the second. After Floyd ‘s death video emerged, he and three other officers were shot from the force too.

Earlier today, a more than 200-year-old historic St John’s Church near White House was vandalized and set on fire as demonstrations over Floyd ‘s death erupted into violence, and numerous violent acts were seen in Washington and other cities in the United States.