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Sohan is going to Singapore for treatment

Under the leadership of Nurul Hasan Sohan, Bangladesh went to play the T20 series in Zimbabwe. But Sohan got bad news there. He injured his finger in the second match. As a result, this wicket-keeper batsman has already returned home after being knocked out of the last T20 and ODI series.

But Sohan is targeting the upcoming Asia Cup. But will he recover before that? That question will be answered in Singapore. According to sources, Sohan is going to Singapore for better treatment. It will be decided there whether Sohan’s injured finger will undergo surgery.

In this regard, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chief doctor Debashish Chowdhury said, ”We have spoken to the doctor from England. I have also discussed with some others. Now we are going to Singapore to take the final decision. ”

It is known that the matter of Sohan going to Singapore is fixed. Just waiting for the visa to get on the plane. Debashish will also go with him. Sohan has an appointment at Raffles Hospital of Singapore. After consulting with the doctor there, it will be understood at what stage is the condition of Sohan’s finger.

But if the surgery is to be done, the wait for Sohan to return to the field may increase. In that case, Sohan’s fate hangs in Singapore. However, optimistic about not having surgery, Sohan said, ”Inshallah I will go to Singapore. I am waiting for visa. Surgery may not be needed. Hopefully, it will be recovered before the Asia Cup.”

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