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Keith George is a 30-year veteran of the British gaming industry. Today we talk to him about the gaming industry and the British horse racing.

Question: How did you enter the gaming industry?

Answer: I think it all goes back to when I was in West County in 1985, where I helped a friend go to various betting shops in the county to bet on a very famous stable. The trainer at the stable at that time was called C.J. Hills, nicknamed “Barnstable Butcher”, and was famous for making a single bet. Soon after, we were all on the blacklist of bookstores and had to go to betting shops outside the region to place bets. Since then, we have started the journey to and from various bookshops in London for betting.

A year later, I was introduced to other stables in West County, probably 6 to 7 on hand. The whole process is about 6:30 in the morning to meet with a stable cash representative, and then decide which shops to go to with a small amount of £ 50 (usually small bets so as not to attract people’s attention and keep the water level) Sometimes, these bets do not get commissions.

Question: How big is your own bet?

Answer: Information can be obtained on those days by betting on the stables, and I will bet on the options of winning the horse in the stable or being able to enter the top three according to the recommendations. Generally, there is always a profit of 100-200 pounds.

After several years of small-scale operations for the stables in West County, I began to establish extensive contacts across the UK and began to charge commissions in the early 1990s. After decent contact and reliable contact with the top forces in the same circle, I also hired 3 other people to bet on my errands (the best way to take turns to bet in different betting shops independently), This is our main mode of operation.

Question: As a bettor and agent, what are the new developments over the years?

Answer: Recently, I have operated a lot of betting information websites with a large number of private members. Some of them have been with me for more than 3 years. I occasionally give free recommendations on my personal social media account, and I still keep about 15 long-term bets offline. I still own part of the ownership of the four horses. I hope that in the upcoming racing season, my members can bet on these horses.

With the advent of the online gaming industry, I think that all my dreams have been fulfilled. I can bet and commission settled at home. However, the harsh reality is that my downline can also be operated this way, so my business was initially affected to a certain extent. However, it didn’t take long for their accounts to be closed, so they had to call me again to ask for help. Later, I once again found myself in a very hot industry. But the headache is that the water level is getting worse and worse, as gaming companies improve their technology, they are no longer willing to take risks. What bookmakers want is a steady profit without any extra risk.

Question: How is the global gaming industry going today?

Answer: I have many accounts that are closed by bookmakers and are subject to strict restrictions, but with the help of friends and relatives, I will try to open some new accounts regularly. At the same time, I had to use advanced IP hiding software (because indeed all my accounts were frozen a few years ago), and I had recruited a guy in the call center to let his colleagues go to open a new account . This requires costs, and I will pay them a commission for the bonus. From a balanced point of view, it is worthwhile to spend a little money to calm people, but it is far more difficult to find a bookmaker that is willing to receive than to find a winning horse.

Online betting at the beginning is easy, without too many restrictions, and as Betfair enters the market, a golden age has emerged, and the market is flooded with fresh blood and large amounts of bets. If you know the inside story of which horses in advance, you can place a heavy bet without losing money. Most of my bets are like this, but this is getting harder and harder, because the bookmakers quickly limit the betting limit, and the current bet money is also less liquid than in previous years. In short, the current horse racing betting is in a relatively small space, leaving smart people to fight each other evenly. The water inside is already very shallow, and the big brothers have left the field.

If you want to keep your account, I find that the best strategy is similar to buying a dealer at Baccarat for £ 500 while buying idle, this is usually a win-win situation, but you can keep your account at the bookmaker There are more opportunities for existence under the supervision of I also have an unlicensed bookmaker in Spain. If I need to, I can play two games from time to time and win some Euros!

Question: How did your customers do when they tried to follow your suggestions?

Answer: Most of my private members are quickly restricted, some of them are not big gamblers, and even the accounts they used before may be losers. Existing “bookmakers” will hate you when you can beat the Ma Jing. I mean, if you repeatedly bet back and forth on a few horses, whether you win or lose means that you will not continue easily or last a long time.

Question: Which is the best and worst bookmaker for you?

I recently opened a Betfair account and started using sports betting, but it was closed within 3 weeks. I found that Ladbrokes has always been the worst choice, and my current maximum allowed betting limit is 5 pounds! ! ? ?

For me, the best betting site is Bet365. They can keep me betting and treat me fairly … even on October 16, 2012, when I guessed all the Richard Hughes winners with serial bets and won my life The biggest bet in the harvest. If I guess one wrong that day, I would go bankrupt at the time instead of retiring to Barbados with the money I earned, but now work is still my main theme.

Question: How do you make changes with the times?

Answer: My recent betting is similar to trading, and it is more regular. When allowed, there will be about 2 to 3 commission agent transactions per week, and I will bet 3 to 4 times a week.

Now I am a little afraid that gambling will bring me back to the point of origin: we will have to go to the betting shop and bet again. But the current dealers will not welcome you to win money in the original way, they will only restrict you.

So the way the game has changed has fundamentally changed. You must also keep evolving and changing. In this game, the bookmakers have become opponents, but they may want to get along peacefully recently.

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