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Newcastle plan to swoop in for Dean Henderson from Manchester United

Dean Henderson, the goalkeeper for Manchester United, could join Newcastle United in January 2022. The 24-year-old has struggled to impact the Red Devils, especially with David de Gea in the lineup.

This season, Dean Henderson has only made one appearance for Manchester United. It happened in a 1-0 Carabao Cup loss to West Ham.

There has been a lot of anticipation for substantial changes in the team since the PIF took over Newcastle United in October of this year. This might result in the Magpies swooping for Manchester United’s Dean Henderson.

Eddie Howe has already taken over as manager of Newcastle United following the change in ownership. In addition, new players are anticipated to join in January.

Manchester United are hesitant to transfer Dean Henderson in January, despite having only made one appearance this season.

This season, David de Gea has been in great form for Manchester United. In the Premier League this season, the Spaniard has made 33 saves. However, he did concede two simple goals against Atalanta and Manchester City recently.

Because of these errors, as well as the need for an injury backup, Dean Henderson may not be able to make the move he wants in January. This could help him break into the starting lineup, but he now faces stiffer competition.

Tom Heaton, who formerly played for Aston Villa, has rejoined Manchester United this summer. He’d also be vying for the job, putting Henderson’s status in jeopardy.

Henderson may have gained more playing time in domestic events like the EFL Cup and FA Cup. On the other hand, Manchester United were knocked out of the EFL Cup early, while the FA Cup has yet to begin for Premier League clubs.

We won’t know whether Manchester United will let Dean Henderson go until January. If the England international’s appearances continue to be rare, he may consider making a transfer elsewhere.

Newcastle United will be an excellent fit for him, as staying in the Premier League will help him play for England.