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Feel the mighty, with MJOLNIR slots in your hands!

“With MJOLNIR in hand, you will feel mighty!” 

One of the JDB 2020 new launch games, MJOLNIR! Features the theme of the Old Norse Religion’s Mythology, The Hammer of the lightning, The weapon of the Norse God of Thunder, one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence, capable of leveling mountains!

MJOLNIR Features,

The Norse Myth featured games MJOLNIR is a 243 ways winning slot game, with a Lightning Wild Feature. If you encounter a lightning wild during the game, you are guaranteed with a win! 

In MJOLNIR slots, If the combination of symbols matches the payline rules, you may win a corresponding award based on the pay symbols. Symbols include a Thunderstrike symbol, Thunder like wild (appearing on the reel 3,4 and 5), MJOLNIR like Free spins bonus, the god of thunder Thor, his brother Loki, Goddess of the earth Sif, followed by the wolf Fenrir, the midgard serpent Jörmungandr, and others.

If you hit MJOLNIR on any reels, you shall win credits according to the number of MJOLNIR you hit on reels. 3 MJOLNIR payouts 2x, 4 MJOLNIR payouts 10x, while 5 MJOLNIR payouts 100x! All wins need to come from the first on the left to right, except for the MJOLNIR.

You shall trigger the minimum amount of 10 free spins with 3 MJOLNIR, following with 15 free spins with 4 MJOLNIR and 25 free spins with 5. During the free spins, any amount of MJOLNIR will not trigger additional free spins.

During the same round of free spins, BOOMING REELS shall appear, the BOOMING REELS indicates the bonus multiplier of the same free spins round. and the bonus multiplier will be increased each time when you win a combination. As you eliminate more symbols in the same spin, the BOOMING REELS bonus multiplier increases from 2x 3x 4x 5x to a maximum of 8x. 

If you happen to hit 1 or more thunderstrike symbols on Reel 2,3 or 4, the reel will be struck by lightning and turned into a stack of wild. this gives you a higher chance to turn a big win, to a mega win! 

MJOLNIR Features a classical rhythm upon gameplay, classical yet satisfying! Feel the wrath of the thunder during each strike! MJOLNIR pays as mighty as it sounds, with the maximum wins of 2000X in 243 ways, Game Features includes the Elimination matching slots feature above, Lightning Wild, Booming Reels with bonus multiplier upon each elimination, and Thunderstrike to increase Wilds. 

Spin with your preferred value, and increase it with the total number of bets from 1, 2, 3, 5 and up to 10. You will find the odds of getting Thunderstrikes is easier than the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime! 

JDB’s MJOLNIR slot is playable from your choice of devices like Android, Windows or iOS mobile devices, it’s also playable in Desktop, laptop or maybe tablets. Hurry up and enjoy this thrilling game, MJOLNIR!

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