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The good people at JDB Slot Game are really into celebrating Chinese New Year, where they created this amazing lottery slot game GOLD ROOSTER LOTTERY which is dedicated to the year of Roaster. From January 28th 2017 until February 15th 2018 it’s the Chinese ‘Year of the Rooster’. Apparently, this is the year of the ‘Fire Rooster’, the last such year is on 1957 and it only come around every sixty years. People born in the year of the Fire Rooster are said to be trustworthy, responsible and seldom tardy.

Let’s cut the crap and begin to hatch some golden eggs. In each round of the game, there are 4 sheets of cards where each of them displays 15 numbers differently. The winning ball has a number from 1 to 60 and each round 35 winning balls will be selected. If the number on the card matches with the winning number, they are earned as points. If there are more than one matching number on the same piece of card, then the highest number will be counted.  

When you have earned a certain amount of points, the Golden Egg bonus round may be triggered randomly. On the screen, it will display 4 golden eggs for you to select. In each golden egg hides a winnings from 2x to 5x. You may select one and multiply your winnings depending on your luck. Moreover, if you are unluckily experiencing a disconnection issue, the game will automatically choose the egg on the left for you so that you won’t miss anything.

The interface of this game is easy, if you don’t like the card number showing on the screen just click the button on the bottom right of the screen to swap the numbers. You may also select auto mode to play the game automatically up to 999 times. Moreover, the lighting button conveniently allows you to speed up the game. You can also choose the betting amount by clicking the plus and minus sign on the bottom of the screen.

The overall design of the game may be simple but decorated with a lot of prosperous design like the luxury red background. There is a reason for this color because in Chinese, red symbolizes good luck, joy, prosperity, celebration, happiness, and a long life. Not to mention the background music, lively and joyful rhythms keeping you in the game even if you don’t win.  

Just like any other JDB great games, this game supported 3 different languages including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. In addition, this game will be available online and will give you the chance to play via your desktop or laptop as well as give you the freedom to play on your mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, it is playable on both iOS and Android on any handheld devices.

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