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Another amazing slot featuring the Mythical Dragon – Dragon

Another amazing slot featuring the Mythical Dragon – Dragon

JDB created Dragon Slots in the year of 2017. This game has low volatility and has the ability to pay out to its player up to 800X of their bets. JDB regarded Dragon slot as a low volatility game with 50 ways for players to win. This is a very straightforward slot game that is easy to learn and simple to be played. It is an absolute classic featuring the mythical golden dragon!.

There are 5 reels in total and each has 4 rows, contributing to a 50-play lines game and there will be 12 different symbol in this game which are the following:

  1. Free Spin Bonus
  2. Wild
  3. Golden Dragon
  4. Golden Frog
  5. Jade
  6. Traditional Lantern
  7. Chinese Fan
  8. A
  9. K
  10. Q
  11. J
  12. 10


They are symbols with the same payout in this game with its payout information as follows:

  • 10, J, and Q has the same payout with any 5 paying 50, any 4 paying 10, any 3 paying 5
  • K and A has the same payout with any 5 paying 100, any 4 paying 15 any 3 paying 5
  • Chinese Fan and Traditional Lantern have the same payout with any 5 paying 250, any 4 paying 25 and any 3 paying 5
  • Jade and Golden Frog have the same payout with any 5 paying 375, any 4 paying 50, any 3 paying 10
  • Golden Dragon has the highest payout with any 5 paying 500, any 4 paying 100 and any 3 paying 25 and any 2 paying 5
  • Wild can represent any symbol except for the Free Spin bonus symbol and will only be located in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Reel. Wild itself will not have any payout but it will be a substitute to other symbols.

Free Spin Bonus:

  1. 3 Free Spin symbols appearing on reels 1, 2 and 3 will trigger the free spin feature.
  2. The Free Spin feature’s bet will be in accordance with the last bet that triggered the Free Spin Bonus.
  3. The free spin feature awards players with 15 free spins games.
  4. Should another 3 Free Spin symbols appear again during the Free Spin Bonus, the player will be awarded another 15 Free Spin games to the maximum of 25 Free Spin games.  
  5. The uniqueness of this game is that Wild will be given on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Reel during the free spin feature to help players to obtain the highest winnings.
  6. The Wild will not be locked and will be appearing in random locations in the 4 Reels aforementioned during the free spin feature.


Bet X will be used as the multiplier for all line pays. All pay out must satisfy the 50 line payline which requires the symbol to be appeared on the most left reel which is the 1st reel.


This game is compatible with Desktop, Android and iOS versions.


This game is supported with English version, Thai Version, Traditional Chinese Version and Simplified Chinese Version.

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