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Blackjack-Rules of play at casinos

Blackjack-Rules of play at casinos

Blackjack is the unbeaten classic board game in the casino. Whether in the West or the East, there are a large number of diehard players. Not only is it a must-have game for casinos around the world, but it is also a skill-based board game with the lowest odds in the casino.




Blackjack is a classic chess game with unbeaten popularity in the casino. Whether in the West or the East, there are a large number of die-hard players. It is also a must-have game in the global casino, and it is also a skill game with the lowest advantage in the casino.

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The blackjack rule is simple. Players need to determine how the points of the cards in their hands are added together, how to get closest to blackjack but not exceed it, and then compare the size with the dealer.

In playing cards, A can consider 11 points or 1 point, while K, Q, and J consider 10 points. Besides, 2 to 10 follow the card point calculation. When a dark card and a bright card in the player’s hand are A or a 10 point card, called Black Jack, and it is larger than any card that adds up to 21 points, which is in the blackjack game ” trump card” 

The flow of the game is that the dealer sends the player a dark card, then bets in turn, and then the dealer sends another bright card. At this time, if the player’s points add up to 21 points, that is to open the hole card, the dealer has to pay double the bet to the player. Conversely, if the dealer initially adds up to 21 points of two cards, each player must pay double bets. Only the player who is also blackjack pay original bet of the dealer.

When all players have one bright card and one dark card, the dealer will ask the player in a clockwise direction if they need to add card. Players can judge whether to add cards according to the points in their hands and the dealer’s clear cards, and they must make up once. When the player decides to suspend trading, the dealer then asks the next player if he wants a card.

If the player is asking for cards and total exceed 21 points,have to open all the cards in hand, bet is immediately owned by the dealer.The dealer can take players’ bets without opening, no matter whether the dealer’s card will burst.

When the last player suspends trading, the dealer has to uncover his cards and add. If the points are less than 17 points, he must continue to ask for cards. The dealer continues to compare the size of the points with individual player, less points lost bet, higher points win bet.If the players have the same first two cards, they can choose to split the cards. The bet amount for each gate must be the same as the original bet.



Black Jack:

he first two cards dealt by the hand are exactly 21 points.Such as: (Ace / 10, Ace / King, etc.) Players who receive Black Jack can win one and a half of their bets.


he cards add up to more than 21 points, same as Over.


Players exchange cash for chips.

Check Change:

Players trade large chips for small chips.

Color Up:

Players exchange small chips for large chips.

Double Down:

In the case of two cards, players are willing to double their bets and add one card.


Managers in the casino who oversee and handle dealer errors.


Player asks the dealer for a card.


Players no longer take cards.


If the dealer gets a bright card A and a dark card is 10, J, Q, K will constitute a black jack. Players have the opportunity to buy insurance at this time, the insurance money is half of the player’s original bet.


Dealer made an error during the licensing process.


If the card is overdrawn and the total points exceed 21 points, the loser is considered.


If the player’s two cards have the same number of points, they can be divided into two hands instead of the bet, and then the cards are refilled separately.


Two or more card points total 21 points, but not the two cards originally issued. Pay one to one.


The total number of points  same as the dealer, without winning the prize or losing money.