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Student from India wins 7 crores from Powerball lottery

Nirmal Dhamaodarasamy took home the second Powerball lottery prize, earning him a whopping $1,000,000 US dollar prize.

Winning more than 7 crores is, to say the least, life-changing. When he won his primary win, Dhamodarasamy was a graduate student studying abroad at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He opted to play online even though he could purchase physical tickets in the state, claiming it was simpler and quicker.

To get random numbers, he chose to purchase a subscription using the easy pick option. The same day he won, the same day he bought a subscription, a stroke of luck came!

He had received an email immediately notifying him of his win when the draw took place, but because he had already searched on a Powerball results website like this one, he already knew. When his numbers 04-13-31-26-52 were drawn, he could not believe his good fortune.

He said the response was easy when asked why he had started to play online. He became interested in the record $1.5 billion jackpot and the ease of playing online made him buy Powerball tickets.

He decided the first thing he was going to spend his prize money on when he completed his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering was plane tickets and hotel for his family in India to attend his graduation.