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Kerala Man win 12 Crore lottery prize

Kerala Man win 12 Crore lottery prize

In Kerala, Porunnan Rajan, a rubber tapper, had debts up to his shoulders. He already had three loans in his name, and he was struggling to pay them off.

On a sunny Monday morning, with the weight of the universe on his shoulder, Porunnan was on his way to the bank to pay off his earlier loans for the fourth time. He saw a lottery vendor on his way and thought, one last time, of trying his luck.

He bought a ticket, kissed it, asked for the Almighty’s blessing, and held it in his pocket.

He ccontinued to pray for a kind of redemption price that would help him get rid of his debts, never knowing how his life would change in a week. The results of the drawing came out the following Monday.

Porunnan went, with a jumping heart, to check his numbers. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he found out that he won the Christmas-New Year jackpot. He asked his son to have the results reviewed again.

Finally, the 52-year-old daily wage earner may have a grasp on the fact that he could also win this staggering 12 crore lottery. He could not contain his tears, kissing one by one all his family members.

With that money, after paying off all his debts, Porunnan bought a larger apartment. He wanted to provide his daughter with better education and a better life for his family.

He is searching for a viable opportunity for investment that will ensure that the generations to come will have a comfortable life.