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Benefits and Drawbacks of Lotto India

Benefits and Drawbacks of Lotto India

In all states and continents of the world, Lotto India is an exciting game that unites Indians. Lotto India is a new online-based lottery, unlike traditional state lotteries in India, which is open to all individuals, no matter where you live.

In contrast to the local state lotteries, Lotto India stands out both when it comes to availability and first prize numbers. You will win the first prize of 4.26 crore rupees on the regular weekly basis, and the first prize is as high as 42.61 crore rupees in the Bumper draws.

Ticket prices are also modest, with a ticket costing around 40 rupees per admission, so most individuals can afford to participate. Most Indian lotteries raise ticket prices when they have a Bumper draw, but the price remains the same at the Bumper draws at Lotto India.

Tickets are only sold online, and registration is required that for some people may be a slight holdback. Still, it is more convenient for other people because you don’t have to worry about losing your lottery ticket or keeping track of the results as you would be noticed after winning.

The downside of the Lotto India lottery, however, is the fact that the chances of winning are abysmal. The highest jackpot prizes are lots, but the winner takes almost all. The second prize is smaller than most other lotteries in India. E.g., if you match six numbers but miss the number of the joker, you will win only 39 rupees even if it’s a Bumper draw.

The chances are about 1 in 80 million to win a regular Lotto India draw and about 50% of the general house side. Compared to sports betting or casino games, Lotto India’s chances of winning are shockingly low.