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Playtech The Market Leaders

Playtech The Market Leaders


Playtech has been listed as one of the top online casino service providers for years since its founded in 1999. They have now grown to a reputation company which possesses over 5,000 employees in 17 countries. The company provided slots that had some of the most innovative and enticing designs which offered a number of free spins and bonus rounds for players. The range of technologies they’ve built so far is also remarkable as they’ve been cutting through the classic and future of online casino gaming. Their prizes, recognitions and certifications are a testimony to why the online gaming community should have remained in place for another twenty years.

The brand has offered a wide range of products from Sports betting to live casino, slot games, scratchcard and even lottery games. They have developed more than 700 games which is why they are known for the largest games provided in the iGaming market. Playtech has been reputed as the pioneer of live casino for online betting. They are the first one to introduce an online live dealer game. However, soon after their first launch other operators quickly caught up too. They have also provided native speakers for different languages to adapt local needs. Although they are not the first to own a mobile casino, their mobile casino hub has been known as the best. Operators are able to build and match their own platform for a better user experience on different brands. Playtech has developed to a higher point where they collaborate with Marvel Comics but the deal has ended in 2017. Soon after that they partner with Warner Bros to create a range DC Comics slots namely the Suicide Squad, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Besides, they

 The company offers HTML based games to ensure players get to enjoy their game on any mobile devices and on any operating system. For those who prefer to download app they have their own application version which is compatible with Apple and Google Play store. They have certainly aimed to provide a complete business solution to their customer. Playtech has professional iGaming solutions that have managed to build a loyal consumer base and an impeccable online market. It is because of their excellent security features, device stability, and good game quality plus a wide range of selections. 

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