Real Madrid hold talks with Kylian Mbappe due to UCL Round of 16 showdown with PSG | Play slots and baccarat at online baji live casino

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Real Madrid hold talks with Kylian Mbappe due to UCL Round of 16 showdown with PSG

Real Madrid has reportedly resolved not to pursue Kylian Mbappe’s signature before March 2022 to show respect to their UCL last-16 opponent PSG. Real Madrid will be able to speak with Kylian Mbappe starting in January. The Galacticos, on the other hand, will demonstrate their respect for PSG by deferring talks until after the two teams have participated in the Champions League.

The Champions League round 16 draws took place in Nyon on Monday. Initially, Real Madrid was pitted against Benfica, while PSG was pitted against Manchester United. Unfortunately, due to a clerical error on UEFA’s part, the initial results of the draw were voided, and the 16 teams had to be redrawn.

Real Madrid will now meet PSG in the round of 16 due to the redraw, which will be a double whammy for the 13-time European winners. Madrid’s round-16 meeting with PSG was not just one of the most difficult opponents they could have faced, but it also hampered their pursuit of Mbappe.

Real Madrid is holding off on announcing Mbappe’s transfer until their last-16 match against PSG is resolved.

The club believes that signing Mbappe before the match will be unfair because he will be against his new squad. Real Madrid does not want to offend PSG ahead of such a crucial match and will only pursue the player after the second leg.

Meanwhile, PSG is still attempting to renew the contract of its star player, but the 2018 World Cup winner has so far blocked all of their efforts. If all goes according to plan until March, Real Madrid could finally land their man without having to pay PSG a dollar.

Sergio Ramos could return to the Santiago Bernabeu for PSG’s Champions League last-16 match against Real Madrid. The four-time Champions League winner called Madrid home for 16 years. He had publicly stated a few years ago that he would never compete against Real Madrid in his career.