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Europe’s Top 5 football clubs with the highest wage bill – Part II

Europe’s Top 5 football clubs with the highest wage bill – Part II

Football clubs have to dish out a lot of money to field some of the best football talents in the field. It is a circle and the best thing the clubs can hope for is that the money poured into paying the wages of the player translates into fantastic performance on the football pitch that will then pay dividends in terms of prize money and sponsorship deals. 

Some of the largest clubs in Europe obviously have the highest wage bills as well. Let’s look at the top five football clubs in Europe with the highest wage bills.

#4 Manchester United – €179 million

Manchester United might be inconsistent on the pitch, but for a very long time now they have been regularly fielding very expensive squads. In one moment and then bang-average in the very next,  the Red Devils appeared like they were world beaters. 

But, with the likes of Paul Pogba and David de Gea on their payroll, it is no real surprise that they are among Europe’s football clubs with highest wage bills. Manchester United are infamous for overpaying some ordinary players of late and this has come to bite them in the back now.

The likes Marcus Rashford, of Harry Maguire and Anthony Martial are high earners as well. However, if they are to justify their wages, they will all need to boost their productivity on the football field.

#5 Bayern Munich – €144 million

It should come as no surprise that Bayern Munich foots one of the highest wage bills in the football world too, considering the current supremacy of Bayern Munich in Europe. In the continent on their payroll, the Bavarians have some of the best experienced players and youngsters. 

Leroy Sane, who earns £385,000 a week is Bayern Munich’s top earner, followed by the likes of Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandowski and Manuel Neuer, all of whom earn more than £250,000 a week. 

As Coutinho returned to Barcelona after his loan spell, they recently got him off their payroll and that has eased up some funds. But they are still holding on to a wealth of top football talent and youngsters, and their salary bill is only expected to go higher.