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Chelsea still unconvincing despite returning to winning ways against Leeds United

Chelsea was expected to win the Premier League just a few weeks ago after taking a 4 point lead at the top of the table.

However, not only in terms of the league table but also in terms of the Blues’ impact, as they are now struggling to win games.

There was a period when Thomas Tuchel’s team would completely dominate their opponents. This season, they have beaten Tottenham Hotspur, smashed Norwich City for seven goals, smashed Newcastle United, and routed Leicester City.

On the other hand, the London titans have been a faint ghost of their former selves in recent weeks. They are no longer dominant and have lost their defensive stability early in the season when they had numerous clean sheets.

Chelsea rode their luck against Leeds United on Saturday for vast stretches of the game. They had no control over the situation and were frequently disorganised.

The Blues would have lost essential points if it hadn’t been for a late penalty from Jorginho, which sealed a 3-2 victory.

When Thomas Tuchel acknowledged his team was fortunate to defeat Watford a fortnight ago, he was sincere. It’s fair to say that the Blues were lucky to win over Leeds United again.

The final score was skewed and did not accurately reflect the game. On another day, Chelsea may have been punished for their sloppiness and laziness against Marcelo Bielsa’s team.

As previously said, Chelsea used to be the Premier League title favourites, and they are now the third favourite, trailing only Manchester City and Liverpool.

Their current standing in the league is no fluke. Despite being only two points behind the leaders, the Blues have struggled recently.

Tuchel may have tried to sugarcoat the problem, but the truth is that Chelsea has not been good enough in recent games. Their bad showing against Leeds United was also not an isolated incident.

The Blues failed to show up against Manchester United, were spineless against West Ham United, and were distracted versus Zenit St. Petersburg.