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Aubameyang score twice lifts Arsenal win over Newcastle

Aubameyang score twice lifts Arsenal win over Newcastle

After the Arsenal captain found his way to score against Newcastle twice, Mikel Arteta hailed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s mental resilience. So far, Aubameyang has experienced a challenging season and only scored six times in the ongoing campaign until a 3-0 victory over Newcastle.

The forward’s suffering seemed like it was going to continue on Monday night as he squandered decent opportunities in the first half. However, Aubameyang bounced back from that and scored twice in all competitions as the Gunners ran out 3-0 winners to make it six matches without a loss.

Baby steps, but perhaps, in one way, a big move. The return of Arsenal to the top half is hardly a cause for unbridled happiness, but the way they sailed home hampered the prospect of better times. Their autumn woes went hand in hand with their captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s harmful drought, but that seemed a far-off memory by the time he scored his second winning goal with such ultimate ease that it felt like something of a novelty.

It was the first one that blew the cobwebs free. During the first half, Aubameyang had seen the ball in more dangerous places than in some whole games this season, even though the result was missing and he had fired glaringly toward Arsenal’s best chance position. Newcastle had kept them at bay, but they were shattered five minutes after the break when a rare effort to maintain some of their pressure broke down and Arsenal took their invitation to cut loose, characteristically.