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Russell Domingo Talks about Challenges During Coronavirus Pandemic

Russell Domingo Talks about Challenges During Coronavirus Pandemic

Russell Domingo Talks about Challenges During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak has become a global pandemic and Bangladesh is not an exception. Most countries have implemented lockdown on different levels as well as Bangladesh. They have extended a nationwide lockdown till 5th May 2020. All types of sports activities have been postponed owing to the outbreak including the schedule of Bangladesh Men’s national cricket team. The coach of Bangladesh Men’s national cricket team Rusell Domingo has travelled back to home for a short break. However, he is uncertain for his return date due to nationwide lock down.

When asked by the media for his plan when returning, he is quite uncertain as to when the international schedule will be back to normal. However, it is important to prepare everyone physically and technically before rushing into any games or events. He mentioned that the biggest challenge will be having the team physically healthy to continue playing again. All players have been given training separately with an individual schedule. Yet being locked will restrict the physical fitness tremendously and keeping the players ready before they play again is of utmost importance.

Rusell Domingo did keep an eye on domestic cricket although he is not sure when it is going to resume. He follows closely on both Bangladesh Premier League and four-day cricket which is equally important for him. Rusell Domingo is currently on a two-year contract as a head coach of Bangladesh tiger from last year August. It is supposed to be a very important year for him as he is very anticipating for the two major series against Australia and Ireland. He was disappointed in missing out those two big series, especially the Australia one. He commented that the cricket world will not be the same as before at least no until the vaccine is being produced. Social distancing should be aware by everyone as well as ensuring their own hygiene. It’s not going to be the same again for a bit, he said.

He is looking forward to working with the new appointed ODI captain Tamim Iqbal when asked what his opinion on the new captain is. He was pleased and enjoyed the time since he has been back to the squad. They have considered one or two options for the new captain, but the board has made the decision to go with Tamim. He is very happy with the decision and looking forward to working with Tamim. He has also shared his thoughts on Shakib Hasan has been recognized as one of the greatest all-rounders of all time. On 29 October 2019, the ICC forbade Shakib from all cricket for two years, with one year deferred, after violation of the ICC Anti-Corruption Rule. Rusell Domingo thinks he is a great player around the younger players and his comeback will certainly be an advantage to the team.