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What’s inside the Cricket Ball, and how’s it done?

As a cricket lover have you ever wondered what is inside the cricket ball and how it is made? There are mainly three types of cricket balls which are Red ball, white ball and pink ball. No matter what the color of the outside, the side of the cricket balls are all the same. They are made by leathers, many layers of leathers.

First, the core of the ball was made by a chunk of cork which formed in a sphere in the center of the ball. First, after measuring all the components to ensure that they comply with the standardized requirements for a cricket ball (155.9-163.0 grams for a men’s ball), the four pieces of leather are stitched together and the “equator” is stitched with a string to create a raised seam. The leather is then dyed, stamped with the name of the manufacturer and coated with numerous coats of paint, ready to be shipped to the worldwide hands of enthusiastic seam bowlers.

Although machines have certainly facilitated some aspects of the job over the years, most cricket ball manufacturers still handcrafted large elements of their products. And the next time you notice an old ball in a hedge or at the bottom of a box, or you see the fielders crying about it falling out of shape on television, spare a thought for the long cycle going on behind the scenes to create these rare sporting spheres.

Well, if you have ever owned a cricket ball, you may share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.