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Two tricks that help you dominate the Sic Bo table

Sic Bo game skill requirement is relatively low; you only need to have the right mentality to bet against the banker. We are going to talk about the mindset of playing Sic Bo helps you increase your win rate against the dealer.

Before explaining the mind method, we can first disassemble the process of playing Sic Bo into several parts. 

  • The first step is to roll the dice, the dealer either roll the dice through the machine or manually.
  • The second step is to bet, and players choose their betting method, you can choose big, small, etc.
  • The third step is to pay; the dealer reveals the result to payout according to the results of the three dice. 

From the above process of Sic Bo, it can be found that the human factors affecting Sic Bo will be in the first and second steps. So you must first try to figure out the dealer’s psychology, and choose the right bet, you have a chance to win over the dealer.


Figure out the banker’s mentality.


Example, there are currently 10 players on the field, 3 players bet “Big”, 7 players bet “Small”, the dealer naturally hopes to roll out a “Big”. This is the first step in figuring out the psychology of the bookmaker. Remember, casinos are not charities after all, and they never want to lose money all the time, so they will hire some experts with the skill to roll the dice. A high probability can result in a higher win rate for the casino. So for us as a lone ranger, the best strategy is definitely to follow the dealer, buy small when everyone else buys big; when there are many people buy “Big” and “Small” then try to Bet on “Triple”. 


Betting mentality strategy

In the second step mentioned earlier, betting is very much related to the mentality. Still, this mentality is more about yourself, which gameplay and the betting method you can adapt to yourself. The following editor will use the conservative betting mentality to introduce, and if you are a more aggressive player, then you can reverse the operation.


Betting Methods Payout House Edge
Big/Small 1:1 2.70%
Odd/Even 1:1 2.70%
Total 1:6~50 9.70%~47%
Specific Triple 3:30 6.20%
Any Triple 1:24 13.89%


If you make a bet of $100 each time, the casino can make around $2.7. Although it is still deducting money for you, you will undoubtedly choose the method with the least deduction. 

If you don’t have a right mentality of betting in Sic Bo and always bet on “Specific Triple” or those with high payout but with low probability you will lose your Xss out from the casino. So if you are a conservative person, it is one of the best strategies to choose stable and conservative bets: (Big/Small),(Odd/Even).


Paroli betting strategy

The betting strategy for Paroli runs on the basis that both wins and losses come in streaks. Hence, the premise here is that players should be able to increase their earnings by wagering a higher amount during winning streaks and raising their bet during losing streaks to their agreed base bet. 


Also, the Paroli betting system ensures that in the betting process, no more than one unit is at risk. That is basically because larger bets are made possible by units that are won from the property. Fundamentally, the profit is seven units each time a series of three wins happen. So, this helps to cover any minor losses that might have been made.


Example, if you’ve opted for a $10 base stake, your next wager should be $20. Furthermore, if after that, you manage to earn another win, you should double it again. And if you’ve won $20, then you’ll have to bet $40. When following the Paroli System, you should stop doubling your bets after 3 consecutive wins. Go back to wagering your base stake for the amount you decided would be yours. You would then lower your bets back to the base stake you agreed on before you started playing your preferred game after you lost a round while playing your option game.


The above explains the essential mentality of playing Sic Bo, have you learned it? If you want to try your skills, you may wish to play at Baji.Live.