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Three untold secrets of winning in Baccarat

Why is playing Baccarat the best chance to make money? According to statistics, Baccarat was the most popular gambling item in casinos before the popularity of Texas Hold’em. In Las Vegas casino, at least more than 60% are full, not to mention that in the VIP room, more than 90% is full of players from all over the world. Everyone is seeking a chance to be the lucky one to win over the casino. So why did they choose Baccarat? The reason is that, for Baccarat, the House Edge is the smallest, so what is the “House Edge”?


House Edge

House Edge is the degree of advantage that the casino has over the gamblers. For example, when you toss a coin, the probability of the Heads and the Tails is the same, both are 50%, so no matter whether you bet on the Heads or the Tails, the casino advantage is 0. However, due to operational considerations, the casino can only play a role in the odds. For example, if you bet $10 on the Heads, you can only get $9, which is 1:0.9. At this time, the advantage of the casino will be 10%. After understanding the advantages of the casino, let’s take a look at the respective casino advantages of various gaming games in the casino.


Baccarat Banker 1.17%
Baccarat Player 1.36%
Baccarat Ties 14.55%
Slots $1 8%
Slots $5 5%
Sic-Bo Big/Small/Odd/Even 2.70%
Sic-Bo Total Points 9%~47%
Roulette Double-zero wheel 5.26%


Although House Edge winning probabilities is relatively high, however, players who choose Baccarat to gamble have the highest probability of winning compared to other game games, which also explains why Baccarat is the most popular game in the casino. Now that we have determined that there is no problem in choosing Baccarat, let us continue reading to improve the winning rate by these Baccarat betting techniques.




1. Learn to read the Roadmap: The baccarat roadmap is a visual representation of the outcomes of a baccarat game’s previous rounds. It helps the players analyze the history of the game quickly and easily, search for trends, and possibly predict future results.

Bead Plate

This section above is called the “bead plate.” Players used to be able to buy a tray with cubes with sides that noted Player, Banker, and Tie wins. Wins are marked according to the following:

  • Player win = Blue
  • Banker win = Red 
  • Tie win = Green

The player begins in the upper left corner and is making his way down. He moves over one column to the right and back to the top row when he reaches the bottom row.


Big Road

The results are arranged in columns or streaks in this roadmap. This makes it easier to count consecutive wins and to research patterns.

The icons are shown as hollow circles in this roadmap—bankers in red, and players in blue.

Bankers and Players Pairs are NOT shown in this roadmap.

Ties are NOT shown as a separate symbol. They are then displayed as a green line, embedded inside the last round’s circle. If there are more than 1 following Ties, then the number of Ties will also be written in green on the stripe.


Big Eye Boy

The recording starts after the second circle in the second column of the big road list. If there is no Bankers or Players in this position of the big road, the record will start from the first line of the third column. When there is a circle on the left side of the big road, mark red on the big eye road; If empty recorded in blue, the same colour needs to be recorded down, and the colour changed will need to shift to a new line.


Small Road

The Small Road works just like the Big Eye Boy, except it skips the column in the Big Road to the left of the current column. The Small Road will wait until the entry after the first entry in the Big Road’s third column to have enough details to continue.


Cockroach Road

The Cockroach acts precisely as the Small Road, except it skips two columns in the Big Road to the left of the current column. The Cockroach Road will wait until the entry after the first entry in the fourth column of the Big Road to have enough details to go on.


2. Betting patterns 

  1. Paroli – Just bet on the match and double the bet on the next bet, but if you lose, you have to go back to the original bet. For example, you start betting $1 at Bankers, and the Bankers wins. In the next game, bet $2, if you win again, continue to multiply your bet, but if you lose, you must start with $1 back. This method is multiple operations when winning money, which can reduce the risk of losing bets, so when you win more than 5 times, you need to pull a break to avoid losing.
  2. Martingale – Contrary to the first point, as long as you lose, you must continue to bet in multiples until you return to the original stake. This gameplay is a bit like bargain-hunting overweight in stocks, but this betting method must bear high risks, and you must first set a stop loss point. None of the players possessed infinite wealth, and eventually, the exponential bet growth would bankrupt “unlucky” players who chose to use the martingale.


3. Card counting

Using card counting to speculate on Baccarat’s hand, although the win rate is not as high as the return of 21 points, it can still benefit from it. The Baccarat games can use the card counting method because each opening is not an independent event, so you can use the previous cards to estimate the number of cards left in a pile. When Baccarat initially dealt two cards, the odds of Bankers and Players were the same, but the key was the third card drawn, so Bankers winning rate would be slightly higher than that of the Players. But how to use card counting to adjust such configuration? You must first remember two points.

  • When there are many big cards, the probability of Bankers winning is high.
  • When there are many small cards, the probability of Players winning is high.

Record as the following table:

Card: A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K
Remark: +1 +1 +2 +3 -2 -2 -2 -1 0 0 0 0 0


As long as the card is dealt, add or minus it in your mind. If the positive number becomes higher, it means that the more small cards left, the higher the probability of Bankers win; The negative number higher, the more representative big cards are left, and the higher the probability of Players win.


Have you learned all the advanced teaching techniques of Baccarat? Although these techniques can improve the winning rate of Baccarat, the key is to have a good mentality. Don’t be rash because of losing money. If you want to try this Baccarat’s strategy, you can visit [Baji.Live] to challenge it!