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The Best Cricketer of All Time

Identifying the Greatest Cricket Players of All-Time is not an easy thing. Yet, every once and awhile, there comes a cricketer who transforms the sport forever. This sort of cricketer performs beyond the wildest imagination and brings the parameters to the next point. BBC Asian Network has asked everyone to vote for their choice for Best Cricketer of all time and here are the top 3 winners.

  1.       Sir Donald Bradman (Australia)

Sir Donald Bradman has been recognized as the most iconic cricketer of all times. He was active from 1927 till 1949. He owned a 99.94 average batting record with 6,996 test run lift time. His highest test score was 334.There is no other Australian, besides Ned Kelly, who has further biographies published about them.


  1.       Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Tendulkar has often been recognized as the legend of Cricket. He is also the God of Cricket for most Indian. He was active during 1988 to 2013. He has a total 15,921 test run which is the highest run scorer of all time. He has 46 test wickets with an average of 53.78 batting score. He is the only one with 100 international centuries scored plus many other world records that have not been surpassed by any player yet.


  1.       Sir Garfield Sobers (West Indies)

Sir Garfield Sobers who is also known as Gary Sobers who played for West Indies. He is recognized as the greatest all-rounder of all time with left-handed for both batsman and bowler. In 1975, Queen Elizabeth II created Sobers a Knight Bachelor for his cricket services. He has also achieved numerous crickets’ awards and one of them was the Wisden Cricketer of the century in 2000.  

We believe that the list will never end, as every once in a few years there are great players with great performance. If it is your choice, who will be the top 3 cricketers of all time? Leave a comment below and let us know why.