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The Story of Cricket

The Beginning of Cricket Games

The Beginning of Cricket Games

Cricket is one of the most common sports in modern times. Interestingly, India is often linked with Cricket. But has it always been this way? Originally, Cricket began off as a sport mostly practiced by the British. And how did this become associated with India? Isn’t it fascinating? Let’s find out the cricket tale.

Cricket was developed in the south-eastern portion of England in the 19th century. The British were taking the game to everywhere they went. That covers the colonies of Africa and Asia. Upon winning independence from the kings, these colonies were structured in the style of the Commonwealth. Therefore, the cricket narrative is mainly limited to the countries of the Commonwealth. The major nations are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, England, the West Indies, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya.

Depiction in Cricket

Since its inception, the tale in cricket has always been about fair play, gentleness and discipline. However, it has been increasingly commercialized in modern years. There are several significant laws that have been practiced in this game since an early era. The rules of the game were developed before the Industrial Revolution. Well, the match could go on all day before it was called off. Since the Industrial Revolution, the game was purely time-bound. Cricket was played on communal fields in the countryside. The size of the common lands differed from village to area. Therefore, before every contest, the scale of the field to be played was left for collective agreement.

Equipment used by the game

All the equipment used in the game were produced from natural resources such as wood. The bat and the stumps were built from wood. Different developments started to pop up with technical advances. The discovery of vulcanized rubber culminated in the launch of pads in 1848. Protective gloves were released soon afterwards. Shortly after, the design of the helmets being constructed of metal and lightweight material.

Cricket’s Law

In this section, we’re going to look at the specific laws that have been placed in effect in relation to the game. The first ‘Laws od Cricket’ was published in 1744. Pursuant to these rules, the Leaders shall select from among the Gentlemen present two arbitrators, who shall make full judgments on all conflicts. The stumps were required to be 22 inches high and the bail was required to be six inches thick. The two sets of stumps must be 22 yards apart and the ball must be between 5 and 6 ounces.

Cricket in the 1760s-70s and the 19th century

It was normal in this process to pitch the ball through the air. The bowlers will now have the choices of range, deceit through the breeze, and improved speed. This also offered up fresh possibilities for spin and swing. The first leg-before-wicket rule was developed in 1774. After that, the idea of the third stump became popular. The game witnessed several big improvements in the 19th century. The definition of big balls was acknowledged and the precise diameter of the ball was also determined. Pads and gloves have been a normal feature.

The Spread of Cricket

Cricket has been a common activity in many colonies, either by white settlers (as in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies and Kenya) or by tribal rulers who tried to imitate the practices of their colonial masters, as in India. British imperial officials not only took the game to the colonies, but also made a great deal of effort to expand the game, particularly in the colonial realms. Playing cricket has been a symbol of dominant social and ethnic standing. The first non-white club in the West Indies was founded at the end of the 19th century and the game became common in the Caribbean. When the West Indies captured their first test series against England in the 1950s, the world celebrated it in a great way as a huge achievement. The first time the squad was headed by a black pack, though, was in 1960 when Frank Worrell was elected captain.

Races & Religions

In colonial India, Cricket was organized on the basis of the concept of race and faith. The first recorded mention of the game played in India dates back to 1721. The 18th century saw the game in India as a competition, primarily played by British military people and civil servants in all-white clubs and gymnasiums. The first Indian tribe to begin cricketing was the remote group of Zoroastrians, the Parsis. They were the ones who established the first Indian cricket team, the Oriental Cricket Club in Bombay in 1848.

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