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[Sic Bo Formula] Sic Bo odds, winning odds, casino advantages

The player who knows the basic rules of Sic Bo already knows how to play the Sic Bo game, what are the betting methods, but there are still many people asking, how do I bet the easiest way to win? Before learning Sic Bo’s betting strategy, you must first understand the formula of Sic Bo game, what combinations of various gameplays may appear, the odds before the gameplay, and the player’s advantage in choosing the gameplay. It is necessary to discuss the formula of Sic Bo in depth so that players can understand the relationship between the probability of each bet and the odds before playing Sic Bo, and then calculate the subsequent betting strategy!

Sic Bo formula table:

Betting type How to play Payout Win rate Casino advantage
Big Total points 11-17 1:1 48.61% 2.78%
Small Total points 4-10 1:1 48.61% 2.78%
Odd Total points are odd number 1:1 48.61% 2.78%
Even Total points are even number 1:1 48.61% 2.78%
Two Dices Combination Betting on the combination of two dice 1:5 13.89% 16.67%
Specific Double Specific combination of two dice 1:8 7.41% 33.33%
Any Triple Any combination of three dice 1:24 2.18% 30.56%
Specific Triple Specific combination of three dice 1:150 0.46% 30.09%
One Dice 1 dice specific value drawn 1:1 34.72% 7.87%
Two Dice 2 dice specific value drawn 1:2 6.94% 7.87%
Three Dice 3 dice specific value drawn 1:3 0.46% 7.87%
4 Total points of 4 1:50 1.39% 28.17%
5 Total points of 5 1:18 2.78% 47.22%
6 Total points of 6 1:14 4.63% 30.56%
7 Total points of 7 1:12 6.79% 9.72%
8 Total points of 8 1:8 9.72% 12.50%
9 Total points of 9 1:6 11.57% 18.98%
10 Total points of 10 1:6 12.50% 12.50%
11 Total points of 11 1:6 12.50% 12.50%
12 Total points of 12 1:6 11.57% 18.98%
13 Total points of 13 1:8 9.72% 12.50%
14 Total points of 14 1:12 6.94% 9.72%
15 Total points of 15 1:14 4.63% 30.56%
16 Total points of 16 1:18 2.78% 47.22%
17 Total points of 17 1:50 1.39% 29.17%


From the formula above, we can get a few simple conclusions.


  1. Bets on (Big/Small) is the most advantageous way of playing. In terms of probability, both bets are 50%, but if (Any Triple) appears in Sic Bo, the dealer wins so that the win rate will be lower than 50%. Still, the casino in terms of advantages, these two gameplays are most beneficial to players.
  2. Betting on (Odd/Even) is equally beneficial, it has the same as the logic of the (Big/Small), so the four methods of gameplay: (Big/Small), and (Odd/Even) are the first introductory courses in Sic Bo. They are also the most advantageous for players. 
  3. Betting on (One Dice) is the least recommended: Although the casino advantages of these three games are not high if you look at the probability, even the highest likelihood of (One Dice) has 34.72%. The payout of (One Dice) compared to (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even) is lower, so betting on (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even) chance of winning will be larger than the one dice play.
  4. If betting on total points, bet in the 9-12 point range: payout in this range is 1:6, and the probability is from 11.57% to 12.50%. Although the value is not as good as the (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even), if you want to bet on total points, the winning rate will be higher in these four points than others.
  5. Specific Triple is a poison coated with sugar: although the odds of the Specific Triple are as high as 1:150, some casino payout will even be 1:180. Still, the probability of appearing Specific Triple is only 0.46%, and the casino advantage is as high 30.09%, the casino is eager for you to bet on the Specific Triple. You can try this once in a while, but if you try it too often, you will only be putting money into the casino’s pocket.
  6. Try two dice combinations together with (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even): Other than the basic betting methods (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even), I do recommend to bet together with two dice combinations also, you can increase your chance of getting more profit. Thus, you can also make your play more diversified, so that you wouldn’t be impatient with the basic betting methods (Big/Small) or (Odd/Even). The right mentality is necessary while betting in the casino, don’t regret after losing all your money.

From the Sic Bo formula table, we can see that the entire Sic Bo is changing in terms of game design and gameplay, which is why Sic Bo is so popular with bettors. As long as you go to any large casino, you can see a lot of People are playing this classic game. I hope that this formula table can help you understand what kind of gameplay to choose and how much risk you bear on the betting combination, and then think about your risk tolerance and the amount of bet. In the end, get one’s own best investment strategy and become a Sic Bo master. Go to [Baji.Live] and try it out now!