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PCB legal advisor sues Shoaib Akhtar over defamation

PCB legal advisor sues Shoaib Akhtar over defamation

Tafazzul Rizvi, PCB’s legal counsel filed a criminal and defamation lawsuit against the former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar for his allegedly offensive comments against him in a YouTube video, Akhtar once again ended up in trouble.Rizvi, the board’s long-served legal counsel, made it clear that he had filed defamation and criminal proceedings against Akhtar and also held up a complaint under its cybercrime laws with the Federal Investigation Agency.

Akhtar uploaded a video about the three-year suspension imposed on the notorious player Umar Akmal, and the action also ended up irritating the Pakistan Bar Council which warned him to be cautious about his words when talking about legal fraternity in a statement.In particular, the council said they are so disappointed with the comments that Akhtar has made comments on the respected member Rizvi.

According to the the statement, “Akhtar should be cautious in his talk on legal group issues,”In a statement, the Pakistan Cricket Board said it was dissatisfied with Akhtar’s bad word choice, while speaking publicly on the legal department of the PCB and its legal counsel.

“Akhtar’s wording was extremely incorrect and disrespectful. Mr Taffazul Rizvi, legal counsel of the PCB, has filed a defamation and criminal lawsuit against Shoaib Akhtar at his own discretion,whereas the PCB still reserves its rights.Recently, Akhtar praised Umar in his YoTube video and criticized the board’s three-year ban on him, and this video has also got him into trouble.

He also derided Tafazzul Rizvi and challenged his legal expertise saying that he (Tafazzul) had often made the matters between the board and players become complicated, and also believed in this case that he had vanquished him.