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Online Cricket Betting – Free Tips | Finnish Premier League T20: Match 39, Empire CC v GYM Helsinki Gymkhana

In this tournament the Empire CC was on a roll, winning 7 of their 9 matches so far. Their players have performed in every situation, and that is why the team is put in second place, right behind SKK Stadin ja Keravan Kriketti. The story wasn’t that great for the GYM Helsinki Gymkhana, who is ranked fourth, winning just four of the 9 matches.

So, in this match, while Empire CC will look for a win to get to the top of the points table on one side, the GYM Helsinki Gymkhana will look to win to remain in the game. But it will not be easy for the GHG to win this match, because of the opposition team ‘s form.



The play during tomorrow’s match is predicted to be disrupted by thunderstorms in what is a piece of bad news for the fans, with the risk of precipitation rising high at 70 per cent. Temperatures will be about the 22 degree Celsius mark.


The pitch on this ground has ensured the rivalry between the bat and the ball balanced in every match. The pitch has shown signs of support for the fast bowlers, but with the score reaching as high as 189 runs in the last game, it’s evident that the better the player, the more he would like the pitch regardless of whether he’s a bowler or batsman.


Probable Playing XIs

Empire CC:

Jonathan Scamans, Zeerak Ijaz, Muhammad Imran, Richard Savage, Vanraaj Padhaal, Amjad Sher, Raaz Mohammad, Mahesh Balasaheb Tambe, Shoaib Tahir Qureshi, Abdul Ghaffar, Kushagra Bhatnagar


GYM Helsinki Gymkhana:

Simaranjit Brar, Ahmad Jaleel, Shahid Gondal, Muhammad Gawas, Ali Masood, Faisal Shahzad, Pankaj Saharan, Javed Jan, Atti Rehman, Saif-ur-Rehman, Arslan Gondal


Empire CC v GYM Helsinki Gymkhana Dream 11:

Jonathan Scamans (c&wk), Muhammad Imran, Vanraaj Padhaal, Shahid Gondal, Ahmad Jaleel, Amjad Sher, Raaz Mohammad, Pankaj Saharan, Abdul Ghaffar, Shoaib Tahir Qureshi, Muhammad Gawas


The Empire CC is predicted to clinch this match with another victory according to our senior cricket editor prediction. Let’s place your bet on for the best odds in the market!