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Nazam Shetty's punching statement is baseless, ACC says

Nazam Shetty’s punching statement is baseless, ACC says

The schedule of Asian Cricket Council competitions for the next two years has been released. ACC president Jai Shah said that schedule through a tweet. But Pakistan Cricket Board President Najam Shetty alleged that this schedule was done unilaterally. However, ACC dismissed Sethi’s comments as baseless. The war of words started again between India and Pakistan.

Following Sethi’s complaint about the schedule, a message from the ACC said that the Pakistan Cricket Board had been informed about the schedule. And then ACC did not get any response. “After the publication of the schedule, efforts are being made to make it controversial. We have learned that the PCB Chairman has commented that the ACC President has unilaterally fixed and announced the schedule. His claim is not at all correct. The ACC would like to clarify that due process is settled accordingly, there is no scope for complaint here. This calendar was approved by the Development Committee and the Finance and Marketing Committee in its meeting on 13th December 2022, Shetty’s claim is therefore absurd”.

The ACC rejected the comment made by Sethi on social media as baseless. The ACC also said, “All participating members in the calendar were sent a separate mail to discuss the schedule. The Pakistan Cricket Board also had feedback from a few board members, but there was no comment or proposed change from the PCB. It is spreading controversy. Mr Shetty’s comments on social media are baseless, which ACC strongly rejects. He is trying to create unnecessary controversy which is not desirable”.

Earlier expressing anger over the schedule, Shetty said, “I saw the schedule on social media. I am not angry, but confused. The process to prepare the schedule was not followed. They could have given us a call, they could have talked. This is cricket. It would have been good. But it is not good to do it unilaterally when there is a council for it. We are disappointed in the matter.”

It should be noted that the schedule published by ACC shows the Asia Cup in September. There India – Pakistan are in the same group. In other words, the two arch-rivals Pakistan – India are going to meet again. However, in the silent conflict between the two countries, there is doubt that India will participate in the Asia Cup even though Pakistan is the venue. Both teams have already engaged in a war of words over the Asia Cup. Along with that, the heat is increasing in the cricket neighbourhood.