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More than 57% of the citizens of this country are betting!

More than 57% of the citizens of this country are betting!

According to the research reports of the Thailand Gambling Research Center and the Social and Business Development Center, 57% of Thai citizens aged 15 and above have gambled, whether online or offline, legal or illegal, the population is estimated to be up to 30.4 million people! 


In the legal gambling market in Thailand, currently only the Thai Government Lottery and horse racing are legal. The Thai Government Lottery is now the most popular gambling project in Thailand. The constantly playing population is close to 20 million people, which is equivalent to 1/3 of the country’s population bet on the Thai Government Lottery. Compared with its popularity, the low odds and high kill rate of the Thai Government Lottery are too ridiculous. Compared with 74% of the RTP of Bingo in other countries, the RTP of Thailand’s Government Lottery is only 60%, which is simply unscientific. But these optimistic Thai people obviously don’t care, because they still bet happily.

In addition to the legal government lottery and horse racing, there are also card games (chess cards and live casino) and football in Thailand’s gambling industry. There are 22.7 million people betting on  legal government lotteries, 17.7 million people on underground lotteries, 4.4 million people on card games, and 3.5 million people bet on football. However, although the number of people betting on  football is the smallest, the total betting amount is the highest. It is estimated that it is 160.5 billion baht, which is much more than the total betting amount of 150.5 billion in lottery. In addition, in the dice games, the player population like Hi-Lo and Bau Cua Ca Cop has grown significantly, almost 82.2%, and the total gambling population has reached nearly 2 million. The popularity of various gambling games and the gambling population also affect the proportion of the underground market. According to the data, 27.3% of gamblers start betting with lottery, and 23.5% of gamblers betting on card games first. The sum of these two groups is more than 50%.

Therefore, to enter into Thailand market, it is absolutely necessary to make the main push from these two games, because this way can attract the largest number of customer groups. However, if you want to pursue the betting amount, you have to start with football gamblers, because this group of people accounts for only 3.5 million people, accounting for about 5% of the total population of the country, but the betting volume of this group of people are even larger than the lottery which accounts for more than 1/3 of betting volume.

The underground market mentioned above actually refers to a credit market, not an online gambling. As far as online gambling are concerned, they are still relatively few. According to the sample surveyed, only 1.6% of people said they have betting on online gambling, and the total bet amount is about 20.2 billion baht. The proportion of each game is: baccarat (45.2%), other card games (27.6%), slot games (20.1%), sports (16.7%), the statistics exceed 100% is because of some people betting on more than one game.

As for the entire betting group,  currently the most important one is the group of 19-25 years old, accounting for 46.3%. Of course, there are also certain proportions of the middle-aged and elderly population, but it is particularly important to pay attention to the young group of 15-18 years old, the amount of betting of this group of people was as high as 10.2 billion baht. And now more and more people have the problem of gambling addiction. In the 15-18 years old range, there are more than 35,000 people, and the economically capable young and middle-aged population is as high as 150,000.

But we all know that the data of legal gambling games is actually very different from the real market data, because these gambling  data companies will not be disclosed by this investigation agency. What we can learn from this is that there are only 1.6% of people who have betting on online gambling actually have a huge gap compared with the proportion of people who actually bet on online gambling. All online gambling practitioners can borrow and sprint from the ranking of popular games and the proportion of population betting amount. At least we can know what games can be promoted when we want to push the volume of new registration and betting.

I hope this article can be used as a reference for friends who are interested in operating Thailand’s gambling market.