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Massachusetts online lottery legalization

Massachusetts state legislator submits online lottery legalization period

Massachusetts is actively promoting the development of the casino industry. At present, two casinos are about to be completed and are expected to open in the near future. The topic of legalizing online gambling has also caused heated discussions in the local area. Supporters hope that through the legalization of online lotteries, Massachusetts will keep up with the pace of modern society, and attract younger generation consumers, inject taxes to improve the state government’s financial situation.

This seems to indicate that it is possible to witness online gambling in 2017, or to take a step back, the corresponding service of online gambling is gradually being legalized and standardized in Massachusetts. According to media reports, the state ’s legislators have a firm attitude and are bound to propose relevant bills for the development of the online gaming industry at the 2017 Parliament.

The state legislature may propose a bill this year to legalize online lottery sales. Among them, the Treasurer Deborah Goldberg Casino, sponsored by Massachusetts, should be profitable. In fact, at the end of 2016, the state senator voted with a 39: 1 overwhelming advantage to legalize online gambling, but on the other hand, the House of Representatives did not vote on the matter.


According to Ms. Goldberg and other proponents of the legalization of online lotteries, the Massachusetts lottery industry urgently needs adjustment to keep pace with the development of modern society, and online lottery sales can achieve this well. In addition, the legalization of online lottery sales can also appeal to the younger generation of consumers. Most of the current Massachusetts lottery purchases are made by older people.

Massachusetts legislators recently stated that they not only want to develop online lottery, but more importantly, they must also promote the development of the entire online gaming industry. Not long ago, a report analyzed the legalization of online gambling, and said that by mid-2017, the relevant legislation on the legalization of online gambling will be relatively clear.

The report also covers taxation, regulations, consumer protection, and economic development. The main purpose of the report is to show whether legislators determine whether legalizing online gambling is a good thing for the entire state and whether it can promote the economy. development of. From another point of view, Massachusetts is likely to embark on a long and difficult road: let the local people accept online gambling.