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Know more about Bet365 Affiliate Program

Know more about Bet365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 existed for over forty years. Its storey started in Britain in 1974 but today the firm accepts bets from bettors around the world. Bet365 is considered a pioneer in the online betting industry and has more than one billion customers from 130 countries.

Because of the widest selections of bets the bookmaker has gained wide popularity. It helped the company to quickly gain momentum and beat all rivals who only accepted bets on major sports events in the seventies and eighties. Now Bet365’s website, you not only can place a bet on your favourite team but also play online poker, reel slots and many more.

The Affiliate programme of Bet365 aims to expand the audience and enables webmasters (as well as bettors) to earn a commission to attract new players to join as members. 

Bet365 affiliate program operation principle:

  • An owner or a webmaster of a famous website completes the application as the affiliate agent of Bet365. 
  • The applicant receives a beacon code after the application was approved and access to a private office with several types of marketing tools for promoting a gaming club, which includes slogans, banners, gifs, pictures and many more.
  • The webmaster places a code-beacon advertisement on his website pages, and highly motivates visitors to join as members. The code helps monitor all of a gambling establishment’s clients behaviour.
  • If the affiliate’s work is successful, and users start actively placing bets on the advertised website, the webmaster will receive a payout. Usually it’s a percentage of money which the players have left in the casino. 

Thus, the affiliate program of Bet365 can really make good profit for webmasters, bloggers and media resource owners.