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Join Bet365 Affiliate Program and gain big profit

Join Bet365 Affiliate Program and gain big profit

Bet365 provides its partners a genuinely fruitful form of partnership through its affiliate program and try their best to do whatever it is possible to make all participants of the process interested. 

The greatest benefits of its affiliate program as below:

  • The commission is one of the highest in the online gambling industry. You can count on high returns for your work, depending on the type of the game and the attendance of a webmaster’s resources. The scale of the affiliate commission of Bet365 reaches an impressive 30%.
  • The company’s unblemished reputation attracts many affiliates but thanks to completely  transparent  business management, nearly all are pleased with the cooperation. It’s not shocking that the affiliate program of Bet365 has always been named the program of the year. 
  • A broad variety of marketing materials. Bet365 has a different approach of banner options compared to other affiliate programmes which only have a few options. Forget about the need to change the page merely because the bookmaker’s office banner is of a non-standard size. Bet365 offers broad options for its customers, and it’s always possible to find something suitable.
  • Detailed statistics on how many times users have access to the website and this can be  analysed by different parameters, aspects and etc. It is a versatile tool which enables the webmaster to better understand the specifics of the work and gain more money
  • Bookmakers reach success in customer retention. That is, a webmaster only needs to attract bettors to the website once, and then it will be possible to earn Bet365 affiliate payout from each of the bets placed, instead of dealing with the constant attraction of those bettors who will visit a casino website only once.