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It Unrealistic To Have T20 World Cup This Year In Australia

Staging this year’s Twenty20 World Cup in Australia amid a global coronavirus pandemic is “unrealistic,” Earl Eddings, chairman of Cricket Australia, admitted on Tuesday. The tournament is scheduled to take place from October 18th to November 15th, and officials have previously stated that they plan to continue on those dates. But with many global borders still closed due to travel restrictions related to Covid-19, Eddings conceded that it looked increasingly unlikely. Though it wasn’t officially withdrawn or delayed this year, attempting to bring 16 countries into Australia in the current situation, where most countries are already spiking COVID-19, it’s impractical, or it’s going to be difficult.

Eddings told the International Cricket Council that Cricket Australia had put forward several options. The ICC is having meetings, and it’s a bit of a movable feast right now. Nick Hockley, chief executive of the T20 World Cup, who took over as interim Cricket Australia chief on Tuesday, said he expected the ICC to take a decision next month on the future of the tournament.

Australia has a great committee of a local association that is busy planning for any eventuality and the decision that will come. The most likely scenario seems to be rescheduling the tournament until next year. Still, it will depend on the pandemic status and finding a place in the crowded calendar of cricket.


Do you think the T20 world cup will happen this year?