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How to pass 1xBet identity verification?

1xBet is a leading online gaming platform. After you register an account on 1xBet, you have to pass the identity verification. In fact, only one user verification method is valid today, but it takes place in two stages. 

Firstly, you have to:

  • Upload your passport scans to the site; 
  • You may also accomplish the same via mobile apps.

Verification on the documents submitted will be done within a few hours and you will receive a notification on the phone after its completion, the notification will inform you that you can or cannot proceed to identity verification’s stage two. 

Please keep in mind that the submitted scans of your passport must be clear and in good quality so that BC staff members can distinguish all things that are written on them. 

The second stage of identity verification is to have an online conversation at 1xBet’s business office with a specialist. Currently, the Skype program is actually used for 1xBet sign-up, so make sure you have a password which is not registered in a bank account in this system, and at the same time install this program on your computer or probably on your mobile devices. The operator will certainly arrange the time to make a call with you, so you should be ready to receive the phone and appear in the frame at the designated time.

You should have a passport with you, which you may need to display it to the camera as well. After the conversation is completed, you just need to confirm the action by sending a special SMS code that is sent to your phone to a number that will also be registered in this message. Once you submit the code, your identity verification was completed, and you can fully use your account to play any of your favourite games.

With this way of confirming your identity, It is hard to find any difficulties. Today, we’re all trying to communicate through video communication by using Skype, and even if you don’t have one, you can always download and install 1xBet app, then you can sign up an account with this system and start using it in just a few minutes.