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How it considers a win in Slots


A payline is a series of different symbols in which to grant a payout. Several icons and paylines appear in Today’s slots. For a win, paylines can align in horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or even erratic patterns. Plus, you can bet on any number of paylines you want.



When it comes to slots, your money becomes “credits” or “coins,” valued from pennies to $100. That’s why players are talking about penny slots, or nickel slots-they ‘re talking about the credit value of the machine, called the denomination.

Place cash in a slot? Be sure to test how much one credit on that computer is worth.



A credit denomination or value is seldom the same as the cost of a spin on that machine. Also, devices called “penny” or “nickel” can have far higher minimum bets. In other words, your turn on a penny machine would never cost a single cent.



What’s the biggest thing about slots? Know the prize to which you are playing. Every single machine is different when it comes to prizing. Even if the two devices look the same, they can pay very differently.

The paytable is the key to knowing out the payouts of your slot machine. It tells you the value of the prize, the combinations of winning symbols, and which sizes of bets resemble each prize.

You must understand the winning combinations so that from a disappointment you will be able to tell a real win.


  1. Find pay tables and help screens on the machines – using a ‘help’ button on the touch screens, or ‘i.’ Or ask for help from a slot attendant. There are always slot attendants available and willing to answer any questions.
  2. Check the paytable to see the top prize of that machine and the chances of winning it.


It’s not always apparent to tell if you win or lose on slot machines occasionally. You can get winning paylines combinations and earn back credits, but not necessarily the full amount you ‘re betting on. Pay attention to how much you paid for that spin, versus the amount of the win.



  1. A machine sometimes flashes and makes noises that seem like a win when you have actually lost money on that spin.


You have actually lost if you win less than what you bet. It’s a ‘False Win’.

The flashy lights, loud noises and fancy graphics make it look like you won, but they’re just for your entertainment. Why is it that you say the difference?


The diagram below shows the difference between a false win and a real win.


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