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bets operate

How free bets operate ?

How free bets operate ?        cricket betting

Incentives are especially attractive when choosing a bookmaker, but how do free bets work? Regrettably, reading through the terms and conditions of these bookmakers reveals it’s not just free money. Discover how free bets operate & their drawbacks in this article.

bets operate

As we had discussed in the previous article why free betting comes at a price, here we explain the terms and conditions of free betting. This time we investigated free betting from different dealers to understand precisely how it works, including Its drawbacks.

A turf accountant is offering a £25 Free Bet for new accounts. On careful review of the offer, it discovered in the terms and conditions that you must bet with your cash, which must include at least one option of odds of at least 2.00 unless the game four-fold or higher. They will then pair this bet to up to £25 with ‘promo cash.’

Before the turf accountant gives you something, they will tell you what to bet on with your own money. And the odds are 2.00 or higher; it’s a gamble with a chance to win less than 50%.


  • Free betting customarily needs you to meet the turf accountant’s investment with your own.
  • The turf accountant takes you into a market with lower profits/ losing markets.
  • To withdraw money, you need to place more bets.

After satisfying this condition, you are only allowed to withdraw any winnings from the free bet after betting at least 4x worth of your bonus value, and these bets have settled ultimately.

Therefore, even with £ 25 in bonus cash, you will need to bet at least £ 100 on your funds before you can withdraw.

More Bonus, More T&C

Some turf accountant tries to attract customers with huge free bets up to £ 200.

Though this is not a complimentary gift, to get the £ 200 worth free bet, you will need to bet a £100 to get the first £20 free bet. When you bet up to £250, you will get the second free bet worth £30. After betting another £250, then you can get the other £50 free bet. At last, you need to put on another £500 bet to get the £100 free bet.

To get free bets worth £200, the whole scheme needs bettors to bet £1,000 of their own money. And yes, the minimum odds for all bets must be 1.50. Now is that what you’d think of a £200 free bet?

One turf accountant had its high-value free bet taken differently. It offers a bet of up to £250 as long as it matches the same amount deposited and bet on a game with minimum odds of 1.50.

Risk-Free Bet

The risk-free bet is another slightly different but attractive method of free bet. Only when you lose your first bet (up to a certain amount) will you be eligible for a free bet, which will give you a refund. However, it is not as simple as it seems. This so-called risk-free betting requires you to risk your money first, and you must bet more cash than risk-free bets to withdraw.

A turf accountant offers a £10 risk-free bet, but you must first place a £10 bet (from your own money) on a bet with minimum odds 2.00 before you earn the £10 bonus. The bonus balance will then be rolled-over at odds of 2.00 or higher up to three times before any withdrawals.

Don’t waste money & time

These so-called incentives waste time and money. If you want to see cash again, you must spend time studying the exact T&C. In the long run, the odds offered by these bookmakers (with enticing bettors and promotional offers) will ultimately make bettors pay the cost.