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German sports game license application process is in trouble again

German sports game license application process is in trouble again

After the Austrian operator Vierklee raised a legal challenge, Germany temporarily suspended the sports gaming license application process. According to the operator’s statement, it believes that the German sports license application process is discriminatory and lacking.

Reported according to the media, because the present Germany will nearly start to issue after due investigation the sports gambling license plate, after Austrian camp salt merchant Vierklee proposed the legal question, will be located the black woods nation Dumm the Starte administration court has requested to stop the work temporarily.Although the integrity decision not yet foreign announced, but Vierklee declared the German sports gambling permission flow has the prejudice, and in lacks in the transparency situation to carry on, therefore it proposes the legal challenge.Is responsible for Dumm who supervises the camp salt merchant to apply the Starte region committee before confirm this ruling, is announced completely in the ruling, it will not be able to whether will mention the appeal to make any commentary.

Since the drafting of the “National Treaty” in 2012, German sports games have been legally approved in principle. However, due to the slow promotion of the sports game regulatory framework, operators who are interested in the German market are frustrated. Earlier, Hessen had received more than 30 applications for sports game licenses, and the Darmstadt Municipal Committee issued an Internet blocking order to prevent players from accessing illegal online players. Therefore, the past stagnation situation has been continuously improved. But unfortunately, after Vierklee raised the legal challenge, everything was shut down again. . Now, Germany is currently in a closed city due to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, so it may need to be cancelled to make progress.

The chairman of the association, Mathias Dahms, added that German sports game suppliers were once again denied access to regulated markets. If the current procedures are approved, it means that about 99% of the German sports game market will be legalized.


In March 2020, Germany formulated a new game method. Among them, the establishment of new regulatory agencies. Glücksspielneuregulierungstaatsvertrag (GlüNeuRStv). If every German parliament and the EU approve the decision, from July 1, Germany will be unclear as to how the sports game will continue after legal challenges. At the same time, it is also uncertain whether the new game regulatory framework will be completed as scheduled 7 months ago.